Mud School

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===Mud School===
Description: This area is a heavily modified stock area. It has been updated to provide a tutorial on how to play CoffeeMUD.
Author: Loki Currency: Alramian
Rooms: 66 Population: 30
LevelRange: 1-6 MedianLevel: 1
AvgAlign: pure neutral MedAlignment: pure neutral
Recommendation: Recommended for new players to explore slowly and get a Mud School Diploma. The cage rooms are also great for quickly leveling to level 6. Experience awarded in this zone is increased for characters below level 6. You may RECALL and SAY HELP to Mrs. Pippet to leave this zone at any time, but may find it difficult to return once you leave. MIDGAARD is the most popular starting city, and offers the most opportunities for new players.

This is the initial starting area of the classic demi-human races: Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half Elf, Halfling, and Human

Useful Items




The Adept of Uurdin can provide the Unspoken Obligations quest for players who intend to start in Midgaard.

Connected Areas

Exit Method

Mrs Pippet (in your recall room) can transport you to the following cities, resetting your recall to your new home. Just say HELP, and she will guide you through your options:

Reentry Method

Mistress Anney in the House of Learning in Alramus for 100 gold crowns.


  • This area cannot be conquered through the conquest system.
  • To leave Mud School, SAY HELP to Mrs Pippett, and follow her instructions.