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Targets: Rooms
Parameters: min=3 max=3 chance=100;"xmlsection";"ticks at stops";"ticks between stops"
Examples: min=3 max=3 chance=100;SUBWAY;3;10
Description: The above example would set the room's parameters to the ones listed in the SUBWAY section of the file resources/moving.xml. There is a subway example already there.

NOTE! : The follow conditions -must- be met before setting the room to this behaviour.


The rooms that you want this room to open out to -must- already be defined before you make the XML section.


The XML document -must- be writen before you set this behaviour.


You -cannot- have the moving room override an exit, ie. if room A links south to Room B

you cannot have the mover link north to room A.


You can use the following strings in the XML document to be translated on the fly

$disproom : if mover is at a stop this is the room it is opened to otherwise

. Example : this is the next room that this room will open too.

$inopendir : this is the direction the door on the inside (the mover) opens.

$outopendir: this is the direction the door on the outside (where the mover stoped) opens.

$traveldir : this is the current direction that the room is moving in.

(STOPS) here you would list the ROOMID of each room the mover will stop at example.

(STOP1)(first stop)(/STOP1)n


-in these tags you define the parameters for the mover while is is going back and forth.

-normal is stop1 to stopwhatever and reverse is stopwhatever to stop1.

-TRAVELDIRECTION = the direction it is traveling from point a to point b.

-DOORSDIRECTION = the direction the doors open out of the mover.


---in these tags you define what is echoed to the client in the mover and outside.

---ARRIVALINFO = what is echoed when the room gets to the stop

---DEPARTINFO = what is echoed when the room leaves the stop


-here you define what is appended to the end of the room descriptions.



---DOOROPENED = if the door is opened append this.

---DOORCLOSED = if the door is closed append this.

There are two examples in the XML document you can look at for further info.

Ideas for this would be, subways, busses, wagon trains (caravans) spaceships, stargates, everchanging paths in mazes, elevators, ect.


  • Example code can be found in /resources/movingrooms.xml of your CoffeeMUD.