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==CoffeeMUD Classes==
Bard        Cleric        Commoner        Druid        Fighter        Mage        Thief       
===CoffeeMUD Bard Classes===
Bard        Charlatan        Dancer        Jester        Minstrel       
Description: The Minstrel is the master of instruments and musical tools. So capable is a minstrel in this art that he or she is able to draw forth magical and wonderous powers from the instruments played. The Minstrel is able to craft and draw unique powers from any of dozens of different musical instruments, with the only drawback being how the chosen instrument impacts fighting or speaking ability while it is being played.

How to play: The Minstrel is as social of a bard as the others, but due to his many hours of lonely practice, the Minstrel also has an almost arcane like ability to use instrumental magic for more solitary or unique benefits than the simple Bard or Dancer. In the end, the Minstrel may become an orchestra of power unto himself, capable of bringing tremendous benefit and joy to his group, or terrible retribution to his foes. Therefore, if a player is looking for a bard to play when groups are not available, this is the one to pick.

Primary Stat: Charisma
Qualifications: Charisma 9+, Intelligence 9+
Practices: 5 +[(Wisdom/6)+1 per lvl]. Note: The first number is the number gained at 1st level. Subsequent levels gain the Wisdom/X+Y number.
Trains: 3 +1 per level. Note: The first number is the number gained at 1st level. Subsequent levels gain the number preceding the "per level".
Hit Points: 20 +[(Con/3)+(2d6) /lvl].
Mana: 100


Movement: 100 +[5X(Str/18) /lvl].
Attack: +(Cha/18) per level.
Damage: +1 damage per 10 level(s).
Maximum Stat Values: Intelligence (22), Charisma (22), Others (18)
Bonuses: Receives group bonus combat experience when in an intelligent group, and more for a group of players. Receives exploration and pub-finding experience based on danger level.
Weapons: Must use swords, daggers, natural, or ranged weapons.
Armor: Must wear non-metal armor.
Starting Equipment: a short sword, pan pipes
Races: Aarakocran Centaur Drow Duergar Dwarf Elf Githyanki Gnoll Gnome Goblin Half Elf Halfling Human Lizard Man Merfolk Mindflayer Ogre Orc Pixie Svirfneblin
Level Class Skills (Skills in parenthesis must be trained for at a trainer or by another player.)
1 Tempo    Ranged Weapon Specialization    Befriend    Write    Break    Recall    Nothing    (Climb)    (Hand to hand combat)    (Instrument Making)    (Swim)    (Sword Specialization)    (Wood Clappers)    (Bandaging)    (Smoke Rings)    (Foraging)    (Gem Digging)    (Drilling)    (Fishing)    (Herbology)    (Hunting)    (Shearing)    
2 Dirt    Rhythm    (Flutes)    (Lacquering)    (Embroidering)    (Dyeing)    (Butchering)    (Engraving)    (Cooking)    (Wood Chopping)    
3 March    Fire Building    (Drums)    (Blacksmithing)    (Clan Crafting)    (Tailoring)    (Leather Working)    (Carpentry)    
4 Background    (Harps)    (Find Water)    (Searching)    (Mining)    (Weaving)    (Pottery)    (Tanning)    (Costuming)    (Sculpting)    (Distilling)    
5 Tune Instrument    Melody    (Wands)    (Cymbals)    (Painting)    (Food Prep)    (Baking)    (Armorsmithing)    (Cobbling)    (Weaponsmithing)    (Glass Blowing)    (Fletching)    (Scrimshawing)    (Paper Making)    
6 Love Song    (Armor)    (Trophy Count)    (Guitars)    
7 Carol    (Clarinets)    (MeatCuring)    
8 Blues    (Violins)    (Rescue)    
9 Dodge    Ballad    (Oboes)    (Serenity)    
10 Retreat    Instrument Bash    (Horns)    (Wainwrighting)    (Masonry)    (Jewel Making)    (Construction)    (Siegecraft)    (Ship Building)    (Locksmithing)    (Speculating)    (Farming)    (Smelting)    (Taxidermy)    
11 Charge!    
12 Listen    Reveille    (Xylophones)    
13 Symphony    
14 Dirge    (Parry)    (Trumpets)    
15 Ditty    (Composting)    (Irrigation)    (Landscaping)    (Excavation)    
16 Solo    (Pianos)    
17 (Second Attack)    (Quickness)    
18 Lullabies    (Struggle)    (Harmonicas)    
19 (Thanks)    
20 Accompaniment    Feint    (Tubas)    
21 (Spiritual)    
22 (All Defence)    (Tribal)    (Organs)    
23 Harmony    
24 (Mystical)    (Trombones)    
25 Battlehymn    
30 Conduct Symphony    

Multi-Classing Options and Effectiveness


Most songs can be played on any type of instrument, except the instrument-specific songs.