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Description: Mindflayers, or Illithid, are alien humanoids with a smooth, leathery face with four tentacles surrounding and protecting their mouths. They are taller than humans, but lighter and more frail due to millennia of reliance upon mind-controlled slave labor to do their manual work.
Stat Adjustments: strength-4, intelligence+4, constitution-2, charisma+2, save vs mind+100, save vs magic+50, max strength adj.+1, max intelligence adj.+4, max constitution adj.+1, max charisma adj.+2
Racial Abilities: Mind Suck Combat Precognition Detect Sentience
Cultural Abilities: Mind Fog Charm
Racial Effects:
Bonus Languages: Undercommon
Bonus Abilities: darkvision
Experience Modification: -25%
Life Expectancy: 430 years
Starting Equipment: grey robes, a knitted weapon belt
Wear Locations: head neck torso arms left wrist right wrist left finger right finger feet held wield hands floating nearby waist legs eyes ears body mouth back
Qualifying Classes: Abjurer Alterer Apprentice Arcanist Artisan Assassin Barbarian Burglar Cleric Conjurer Diviner Doomsayer Enchanter Evoker Fighter Gaoler Illusionist Mage Minstrel Missionary Monk Necromancer Pirate Sailor Scholar Shaman Templar Thief Transmuter Trapper Wizard

Character Information

Start Area Magthere Wa`q
Player Ambassador
Racial Cities

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A mindflayer's diet is brains, which they consume through the use of their mind suck ability. Mindflayers prefer intelligent brains over non-intelligent ones. Mindflayers can only mindsuck from willing, bound or sleeping victims. Mindflayers are unable to eat other foods, including pills.

  • Detect Sentience becomes available at level 10.
  • Combat Precognition becomes available at level 30.
    • Due to the racial ability of Combat Precognition, a Mindflayer Diviner will have the ability show up twice in their spell list, once at the set 30% proficiency and once at the dynamic proficiency.