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Description: Midgaard is a capitol city in the middle of the continent, towards the southern coast. Located on the Midgaard river, this popular city is home to adventurers of all sorts.
Author: Diku Currency: Gold coins (default)
Rooms: 166 Population: 95
LevelRange: 1-151 MedianLevel: 15
AvgAlign: good MedAlignment: pure goodness
Economy: Midgaardian shopkeepers offer fair prices to everyone, regardless of race or disposition.
Languages: Midgaardians primarily speak the common tongue for purposes of trade.
Recommendation: Midgaard is the recommended starting area for all new players except Delvers.

Midgaard Maps

A graphical map of the city of Midgaard without labels.
The City of Midgaard.

Useful Items


Pub Dwellers (Random Questgivers)

These questgivers will provide a quest periodically to quest in a specific area.

Name Location Target Quest Area Approximate Level
Ivarra The Grunting Boar Day Care 3
the sexton Park Cafe Graveyard 3
a haggard traveler Kate's Diner Haon Dor 3
Corgin The Bar (also in Andy's Pub) Sehaire 5
Erick Grubby Inn Hatchling Cove 6
a rugged traveler The Bar (in Andy's Pub) Miden'nir 6

Connected Areas




  • Krafti, in the Temple of Paran, can provide directions to anywhere in the world.
  • Filch, in Andy's Pub, will tell you where some quests can be found if you SAYTO FILCH LETS TALK.