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===Master Armorsmithing===
Domain: Crafting
Available: Artisan(30)
Allows: Rushed Crafting Light Metalworking Durable Metalworking Quality Crafting Quick Worker Durable Crafting Light Crafting Advanced Crafting Quick Crafting Quality Metalworking
UseCost: Movement (24)
Quality: Circumstantial
Targets: Items Creatures
Range: Touch, or not applicable


Examples: marmorsmith chainmail

marmorsmith list marmorsmith list chain marmorsmith list left wrist marmorsmith list 40-50 marmorsmith list all marmorsmith scan marmorsmith scan bob marmorsmith learn helmet

Description: This skill allows a player to craft master-level armors from metal. This skill requires Blacksmithing and Armorsmithing in order to learn it. The extent of the armor which can be crafted expands as the player goes up in level. To begin smithing, the player must be in a room with an open fire burning, and must have placed the metal he or she wishes to make the armor from on the ground. The player may also scan the room or other players for equipment that may be mended by this skill, using the scan parameter, or learn how to smith an item he or she has found, provided a blank recipe page or a recipe book with blank pages is in his or her inventory. The metal for armorsmithing is obtained using the Mining skill, or better metals from the Smelting skill. Using better materials will increase both the strength and the required level of the crafted item, and some material types require smaller amounts to make the same items.


MASTERARMORSMITHING LIST will display all available instrument making recipes a specific character can make.