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An ASCII map of the CoffeeMUD Alramidgaardia world.
The Alramidgaardia world.

The CoffeeMUD world is known as Alramidgaardia, named after the merger of Alramian and Midgaardian cultures that influence most of the known world. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The western edge of the Great Ocean is known to fall off the edge of the world. There are still lands to the east (especially on the Dark Continent) that are unexplored. This map does not show all of the zones in CoffeeMUD, especially those below the ground or above the world, but does provide an overall relationship of areas.


  • $ = Forest
  • ~ = Water
  • ^ = Mountain
  • ' = Hills
  • ~" = Swamp
  • .. = Desert