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Description: Malla is the goddess of peace and light. It is from her beauty that the good powers of magic flow into the world, and her nature which inspires brotherhood.
Cleric Restrictions: Disallows evil. Allows only Cleric, Healer, Oracle, Purist.
Follower Restrictions: Disallows evil.
Available Blessings: Sanctuary, Calm, Sense Life, Globe, Bless, Divine Favor (Clerics only), Light
Blessing Instructions: The blessings of Malla are placed upon her clerics whenever the cleric does the following: the player should sit down, and the player should drink water, and the player should say 'bless us malla that we may follow your lighted way'.

The blessings of Malla are placed upon her worshippers whenever they do the following: the player should sit down, and the player should drink water, and the player should say 'bless me this day malla'.

Service Instructions: The services of Malla are the following: the player should say 'light the candles of peace', and wait 40 seconds, and wait 40 seconds, and then you will automatically say 'may the light of malla shine on us all.', and the player should say 'sing your gladness to malla', and then all others will say 'ahmmm', and the player should say 'now pray quietly to malla for peace', and wait 40 seconds, and then all will say 'ahmmmm', and the player should say 'go in peace'.

About this deity


The sun – The holy symbol is a strand of engraved feupeor beads that are hung from belts, in hair, as a necklace, and as a bracelet. Feupeor beads are bright yellow crystal shards, sanded and polished into beads, with engraved suns on them. When light hits them, the beads flash and flare with a light like the sun. Only priests may use feupeor beads.


Malla is the goddess of light and peace, as well as the source of magic. Her worship is prominent among the tribes of the Itantas, though specific rituals may vary between islands and tribes.

The worship is Malla is the seeking of peace and tranquility among people and societies, which is the end of all beings. Priests of Malla seek peaceful solutions to conflicts, the highest and sometimes most difficult virtue to attain. Malla is also the goddess of light, which is generally attributed to the cycle of life as in night and day and the divination of virtue by the light. These virtues include peace, love, generosity, and sacrifice.

Followers of Malla worship her in various ways, including devotional ceremonies to simple sacrifices before her temple, daily personal ceremonies to clear the soul and purify the spirit, and assistance to their communities. Malla is seen as the provider of all things good and considered the best hope against Kortamus. Followers of Malla may be any alignment, though priests may not be evil.

Priests of Malla are generally community leaders and objects of great respect among their people. They perform helpful tasks whenever needed, and tend to be excellent mediators of dispute. They perform devotional ceremonies, conduct marriages, and assist in magical, diplomatic solutions to problems. The priests of Malla are also expected to pray and cast spells over crops and help secure good yield for the people. They tend to think little of the priests of Lorti, seeing their goals as folly and not virtuous. Priests of Malla cast spells one level above their own, but may not use weapons or non-magical metal armors. They are ordained to the church in their early twenties, at which time they take an oath of chastity and celibacy, and go through a celebrated ritual in which he or she in “married” to the society that will be served by his or her dedication.

Known Shrines

Shrines to Malla where clerics may perform services are located in: