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MUD Clients are telnet-based applications that provide access to MUDs. They often provide additional features, such as scripting macros and trigger support.

MUD Clients

Client Website OS Features
Siplet [Siplet] Web-browser CoffeeMUD's native web-client. Supports all CoffeeMUD features, and allows up to 10 connects at once.
Telnet Windows Basic client
zMUD Windows MSP, MXP, Multiple Connections, Triggers, Macros
Axmud Windows/Linux MSP, MXP, Multiple Connections, Triggers, Macros
Putty Linux Basic client
PocketMUD iOS Simple, single character interface
Mudrammer iOS Up to 4 connections simultaneously, Triggers, Macros
Blowtorch Android Several connections simultaneously, Triggers, Macros, Timers. Does not support sound.

If you experience difficulties with input and backspace, click options, then input, then enable compatibility mode.

Mukluk Android Multiple connections, ANSI colors and ANSI 256 support, adjustable colors and font sizes. Does not support triggers.
DuckClient Chromebook
Vipmud [VIP Mud] Windows
Tintin++ [TinTin++] Mac OS X, Android, Linux, and Windows Free MUD client
Mudlet [Mudlet] Windows This client does not always behave well with CoffeeMUD, but they are constantly improving the client. During character creation, if you get hung, hit ENTER or Y (for yes), assuming that the client is masking a prompt question. There are other non-MUD-standard functions that don't perform properly as well. However, many of these issues will be fixed in CoffeeMUD version 5.9.7.
  • If your prompt is not displaying, make sure you turn on MXP.
MUSHClient [MUSHclient] Windows, Linux (Wine)
Portal-M [Portal-M] Windows This is a 64-bit version of the old Portal client.
VMOO [VMOO] Windows May have issues displaying in-game question prompts for teaching/converting/etc.

Note: If you are using iOS 11, and find that your quotes aren't working correctly, it may be because of SMART PUNCTUATIONS is enabled under the Settings>General>Keyboard.

Character Encoding

CoffeeMUD uses [ISO-8859-1] encoding by default.