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Systems That Use CoffeeMUD

A listing of MUDs that are active or in development.


Systems not currently live, but working on it!

  • Looking for a Co-Admin Programmer + Script writing Builders to co-create a Medieval Mud based on Dungeons & Dragons / Forgotten realms.. Along the lines of fire-breathing dragons, spell casting wizards, sword wielding barbarians.. angry scimitar bandits, drunk pirates etc.. (I will provide the hosting) Email me if you'd love to co-run a Mud with me. -> [[1]]

Systems that are available for public use

  • Bo Zimmerman's Official CoffeeMUD system.
  • Adaka German language CoffeeMUD. Port: 5555
  • Gates of Kryn If you are a fan of Dragonlance, or just want to play a classic-style MUD with an original, highly detailed world, with a good mix of challenge and convenience in its feature set, then Gates of Krynn (formerly Age of Dragons) is the MUD for you.
  • TGMud TGMUD is a text-based action/adventure game run on an extensively modified version of the 5.6.2 CoffeeMUD Engine. It is developed mostly by quest authors and the project is headed by Blackjack. Its offshoots include RUBYMUD and StrataMUD. Port:5555

  • [Add your listing here!]

Systems that are no longer active

  • Sancara - A cutting edge MUD with a vocal command system (everything is done by saying something.) Multi races including Minatours, Centaurs, and Avians. Also an evolving ecosystem with races battling each other for dominance. (Still in alpha testing and looking for writers, builders, scriptors, and open for playtesters.) INACTIVE
  • Throes of Creation - Adventure in the original fantasy world of Therron, where you can forge your own destiny. Many modifications and additions. Perpetual alpha-phase. Seeking writers and builders. Open for playing and play-testing. A text art work in progress! See you there! (Address: Port: 1200 ) INACTIVE
  • Realms of Lariannon - originally begun in 2004 this MUD has been revived and is in the slow process of having a fully original fantasy world slowly implemented. The world has been completely re-imaged and no stock areas will be used. INACTIVE
  • Bloodstone RPI - begun in April of 2011 this is a fantasy themed role play enforced mud that is currently under development INACTIVE
  • Dragon's Ire - telnet: . It ain't much, but Jekar calls it home. Feel free to stop by. INACTIVE
  • Gnome's MUDdy Puddle - This is my development area where I am in the slow process of developing a low level Goblin based MUD. INACTIVE
  • Shattered Illusions - In Development. Based on the Talislanta RPG. Currently Closed to All. INACTIVE
  • Dark Brothers of the Light - Completely original, run by the author of the dark fantasy series. Needs staff!   INACTIVE
  • Chronicles of Zen - In development, based on a 1990s mud originally written for a BBS. Moving the original world over to CoffeeMud. or goto Open for play, free access to the BBS. INACTIVE
  • The Seventh Sun - - In Development. Based on an original concept/history. Seeking Developers. INACTIVE