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Target: None
You See: Umm, with yourself?
Others see:
Target: Someone
No Target: Sorry, friend, I can't see that person here.
You See: You make passionate love to .
Target Sees: makes passionate love to you.
Others See: makes passionate love to .
Target: Self
You See: You make passionate love to yourself.
Others See: You don't want to know what is doing right now.


  • Using this social while you and a member of the opposite gender both have nothing worn on the LEGS location may result in pregnancy.
    • In general, races may not breed with other races. Humans and the Crossbreed chant may result in valid offspring.
    • A valid MATE may fail to produce a pregnancy for a variety of reasons:
      • Random chance of failure (see Fertility chant to overcome this).
      • Invalid racial combination
      • One or both participants are underaged
      • Incompatible genders (both the same gender, or at least one has no gender)
      • One or both participants are wearing clothing on the legs location
      • Some affect is preventing the pregnancy (spell, potion, etc)