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Domain: Building
Available: Abjurer(10) Alterer(10) Arcanist(10) Artisan(1) Assassin(10) Barbarian(10) Bard(10) Beastmaster(10) Burglar(10) Charlatan(10) Cleric(10) Conjurer(10) Delver(10) Diviner(10) Doomsayer(10) Druid(10) Enchanter(10) Evoker(10) Fighter(10) Gaian(10) Gaoler(8) Healer(10) Illusionist(10) Jester(10) Mage(10) Mer(10) Minstrel(10) Missionary(10) Monk(10) Necromancer(10) Ninja(10) Oracle(10) Paladin(10) Pirate(10) Dancer(10) Purist(10) Ranger(10) Reliquist(10) Scholar(10) Shaman(10) SkyWatcher(10) Templar(10) Thief(10) Transmuter(10) Trapper(10) Wizard(10)
Allows: Quick Building Quick Worker
UseCost: Movement (35)
Quality: Circumstantial
Targets: Items Creatures
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Examples: locksmith chest

locksmith south locksmith boltlock south locksmith delock south

Description: This skill allows a player to craft keys and locks for items and doors. If the item or door specified already has a lock, the proper key will be built for it (assuming a level check). If the item or door does not have a lock, and the skill user is the owner, then a lock will be built, along with a key. If a lock is being made for a door, and the word BOLTLOCK is specified, then the lock will ONLY be on that side of the door. If a key is being made, the LABEL parameter can be used to add a description for the key (such as House for a house key, etc). A lock can be removed from a door using the DELOCK parameter. This skill requires metal from which to make the lock and/or key.


  • The label can be up to 7 characters long, including special characters, but no spaces are allowed.
  • Adding a lock to the door will make the door the same level as the locksmith. This level determines how difficult it is for a thief to pick it.