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Description: Lichs are the most feared of the skeletal undead. Although they were a normal race before they died, the decay and corruption makes their former race hard to determine. Lichs lose some constitution for being dead, but gain charisma for their formidable presence. In fact, they walk around with a weak aura of fear at all times. Like other skeletal undead, they take half-damage from piercing or slashing weapons, are never hungry or thirsty, have infravision, stink of grime and decay, take damage from positive healing spells, are healed by negative energy spells, and are immune to poison, mind, gas, paralysis, disease, and negative energy attacks. The most common way to become a lich is to study Necromancy and die.
Stat Adjustments: constitution-4, charisma+6, paralysis save+100, save vs gas+100, save vs mind+100, save vs poison+100, save vs undead+100, save vs disease+100, max constitution adj.-4, max charisma adj.+6, save vs pierce+50, save vs slash+50
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Bonus Languages:
Bonus Abilities: infravision
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Life Expectancy: Forever
Starting Equipment:
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Qualifying Classes: Appentice      Artisan      Gaoler      Cleric      Doomsayer      Missionary      Necromancer      Shaman      Templar      Fighter      Barbarian      Thief      Arcanist      Assassin      Burglar      Trapper      Minstrel


  • Necromancers must die while level 30 or higher to become a Lich.
  • As undead, Liches only recover hit point from Heal Undead, a level 14 Necromancer prayer. This prayer may be available in potion form or from the Necromancer Past Life I achievement.
  • Note, while Liches can become Minstrel, they do not qualify for the Bard class. In order to become a Minstrel, a Lich must start as an Apprentice, TRAIN to become an Artisan and then become a Minstrel. If the Lich gains any levels in Artisan, they will not be able to get 90 levels of Minstrel. Therefore, the Lich may desire to unlevel (die a bunch) to remove any Artisan levels they gain prior to becoming a Minstrel.