Lethal Crafting(Expertise)

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===Lethal Crafting===
Requires: One of the following skills: Carpentry, Fletching, Scrimshawing, Weaponsmithing, Master Weaponsmithing, Legendary Weaponsmithing. A base constitution of at least 14.
Description: The ability to craft weapons that are more deadly than usual. Items crafted "Damaging" are slightly more damaging, and worth slightly more.
Cost: 2 trains
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The following abilities are affected by this expertise:


  • This expertise is Constitution based due to the long hours required honing, folding, and/or sharpening the weapons for maximum damage.
  • Each rank of lethal crafting will increase the maximum damage of the weapon by 0 to 7 points, depending on the weapon's base damage and if it is a one-handed or two-handed weapon.
    • A butter knife (one-handed weapon) does 1 point of maximum damage normally. It's damage with lethal crafting is 2/2/3 with 1/2/3 ranks, respectively.
    • A legendary zweihander (two-handed weapon) does 123 points of maximum damage normally. It's damage with lethal crafting is 129/135/142 with 1/2/3 ranks, respectively.