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Description: Kortamus is the evil god of Chaos. Although originally a creative and inspiring member of the realm of gods, he was eventually cast out for his cruel and vicious pursuit of trivial pleasures and arbitrary goals at all cost.
Cleric Restrictions: Disallows good. Allows only Cleric, Doomsayer, Necromancer, Templar.
Follower Restrictions: Disallows good.
Available Blessings: Protection Good, Dispel Good, Berzerk, Frenzy, Deaden Smell, Obscure Self, Resist Fire, Divine Favor (Clerics only)
Blessing Instructions: The blessings of Kortamus are placed upon his clerics whenever the cleric does the following: the player should burn an item made of wooden, and the player should stand up, and the player should say 'aid me now in our common goals lord kortamus'.

The blessings of Kortamus are placed upon his worshippers whenever they do the following: the player should say 'i swear obedience only to the rule of kortamus'.

Service Instructions: The services of Kortamus are the following: the player should say 'let the darkness fall', and wait 40 seconds, and wait 40 seconds, and then you will automatically say 'we come in chaos', and the player should say 'swear destruction to the order', and then all others will say 'destruction!', and the player should say 'now begin to plan your destruction', and wait 40 seconds, and then all will say 'we will kill and destroy all good and order.', and the player should say 'charge!'.

About this deity


The broken circle – The holy symbol is a medallion made of obsidian, crudely carved, and hung around the neck on braided cords of red and black. Priests keep the symbol hidden under their garments but remove it and hold it high in rituals and incantations. Priests also use the symbol to place a bloody mark on the foreheads of their kills, to send the soul into chaos and insanity.


Kortamus is considered the outcast god who abused his power to bring chaos and evil into the world. His worship is forbidden in most Alra-Paranian cultures, though small sects are though to exist in the Itantas.

Kortamus is the god of evil and chaos, opposed to the will of the other gods and their ends. He espouses no virtues other than opposition to the order and self-glorification, with glorification of Kortamus being above all.

Followers of Kortamus tend to believe Kortamus’ act of vengeance has permanently thwarted the original fate of the world, and that chaos and evil should not be resisted because they are inevitable. Followers, led by the priest, perform many pagan and gory barbaric rituals, though seldom in large groups. Followers and their priests must have alignments either chaotic, evil, or both.

Priests of Kortamus tend to be dark and angry people. They serve to destroy the fabric of societies, and thus have no duties to, or functions in, any society. They will head all ceremonies and rituals of their sect, and promote their god’s will, but have no other duties. Priests of Kortamus are typically from priest families, their souls “given” to their god at birth in a blood ritual.

Known Shrines

Shrines to Kortamus where clerics may perform services are located in: