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===CoffeeMUD Bard Classes===
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Description: The Jester is the joking, annoying, and sneaky fellow that few Bards like to claim. Like the Charlatan, they remain associated with Bards due to their highly social nature and their charismatic attitudes. The Jester is also amazingly dextrous and slippery, due to the slapstick style of maneuvers he practices and specializes in.

How to play: As the levels progress, however, few could argue the seriousness of the Jesters power, should his goofy smile, for some reason, be turned around. The Jester is still, clearly, a group player. He needs the strong tanking of fighters, and other support classes to flourish, though he can still hold his own if he manages not to take life too seriously.

Primary Stat: Charisma
Qualifications: Charisma 9+, Dexterity 9+
Practices: 5 +[(Wisdom/6)+1 per lvl]. Note: The first number is the number gained at 1st level. Subsequent levels gain the Wisdom/X+Y number.
Trains: 3 +1 per level. Note: The first number is the number gained at 1st level. Subsequent levels gain the number preceding the "per level".
Hit Points: 20 +[(Con/3)+(2d6) /lvl].
Mana: 100 +[(Int/6)+(1d3)/lvl].
Movement: 100 +[7X(Str/18) /lvl].
Attack: +(Cha/18) per level.
Damage: +1 damage per 10 level(s).
Maximum Stat Values: Dexterity (22), Charisma (22), Others (18)
Bonuses: Receives 2%/level bonus to saves versus poison. Receives extra natural damaging skill. Receives group bonus combat experience when in an intelligent group, and more for a group of players. Receives exploration and pub-finding experience based on danger level.
Weapons: Must use swords, daggers, natural, or ranged weapons.
Armor: Must wear non-metal armor.
Starting Equipment: a short sword
Races: Githyanki Gnome Half Elf Halfling Human Merfolk Svirfneblin
Level Class Skills (Skills in parenthesis must be trained for at a trainer or by another player.)
1 Belly Rolling    Write    Juggle    Clumsiness    Nothing    Recall    Haggle    Befriend    Sword Specialization    (Edged Weapon Specialization)    (Ranged Weapon Specialization)    (Play Instrument)    (Bandaging)    (Apothecary)    (Swim)    (Smoke Rings)    (Foraging)    (Herbology)    (Floristry)    (Fishing)    (Gem Digging)    (Drilling)    (Hunting)    (Shearing)    
2 Identify Poison    (Drunkenness)    (Cooking)    (Wood Chopping)    (Butchering)    (Lacquering)    (Dyeing)    (Embroidering)    (Engraving)    
3 Fire Building    QuickChange    (Climb)    (Hide)    (Blacksmithing)    (Carpentry)    (Leather Working)    (Tailoring)    
4 Slapstick    (Babble)    (Searching)    (Distilling)    (Mining)    (Sculpting)    (Pottery)    (Tanning)    (Costuming)    (Weaving)    
5 Mimicry    (Wands)    (Glass Blowing)    (Scrimshawing)    (Armorsmithing)    (Weaponsmithing)    (Paper Making)    (Food Prep)    (Fletching)    (Cobbling)    (Baking)    (Painting)    
6 Awareness    (Lay Minor Traps)    (Struggle)    (Find Home)    
7 (Prestidigitation)    (Dodge)    (Meat Curing)    
8 Use Poison    (Rage)    (Distract)    (AutoSwim)    (AutoCrawl)    
9 (Fire Breathing)    (Peek)    
10 Joke    (Distraction)    (Sneak)    (Smelting)    (Construction)    (Siegecrafting)    (Boatwrighting)    (Locksmithing)    (Speculating)    (Farming)    (Jewel Making)    (Wainwrighting)    (Masonry)    (Taxidermy)    (Shrooming)    
11 (Bind)    (Lightness)    
12 Slow Fall    (Seeing)    (Find Ship)    (Gardening)    
13 (Center of Attention)    (Trip)    
14 Clog Dance    Stop    (Mercy)    (Critical Shot)    
15 (Detect Traps)    (Composting)    (Irrigation)    (Landscaping)    (Excavation)    
16 Stability    (Read Magic)    (Suave)    
17 (Second Attack)    
18 Tumble    (Thanks)    (AutoClimb)    (Food Preserving)    
19 (Swipe gold)    (Satire)    
20 Avoid Traps    (Critical Strike)    (Muting)    (Branding)    
21 (Steal)    
22 Feint    (Quickness)    
23 (Single Mindedness)    (Blind Fighting)    
24 Cartwheel    (Disgust)    
25 Puppeteer    (Roll With Blows)    
29 (Master Floristry)    (Master Herbology)    
30 Buffoonery    

How to Play

The Jester is a flamboyant and fanciful sub-class of the Bard. They rely on their quick wit and charm to get them through many tough situations. The first step to surviving as a jester is finding a good weapon. You will spend most of combat hitting with your weapon. Swords, daggers, or ranged weapons are the best fit. Since you are unable to wear heavy armor, you'll want to try to avoid being the target of attacks as much as possible.

Early in your adventuring career you'll want to take advantage of the exploration and pub-finding experience. Traveling to new areas, fully exploring areas, and finding pubs, can give a great head start on leveling. It's also a great way to find new drinking buddies. Just be wary of aggressive monsters and dangerous zones!

The jesters strength is distracting and annoying enemies to death. This is where the charm comes into play. You start with a skill called BEFRIEND that allows you to coerce a mob that walks around, and is your same race, to follow you as your partner in crime. The number of "friends" you can have at one time is based on your CHARISMA. They will be your muscle, your shield, and your closest confidant. With them taking the brunt of attacks, you're free to badger and distract the enemy into oblivion. You can also use this skill to get gear without having to fight for it. Simply BEFRIEND someone that has something you like, and then politely order them to give it to you. You can always remove them from the group later with the NOFOLLOW command.

In combat a well timed JOKE can turn the tide of a battle, and following it up with TRIP can have the enemy literally rolling on the floor laughing, and unable to attack. You can use DISTRACT to keep the enemy occupied while your allies punch, stab, kick, or slash them to death. Equipping your allies with good weapons and armor will help them be more effective in battle. But if things get too intense, remember to CARTWHEEL to the rear of the battle to stay out of harms way. You can also master evasive skills like DODGE, ROLL WITH BLOWS, and TUMBLE. There are many methods of subterfuge as well. Learning APOTHECARY will give you access to MIX poisons that can be applied to your weapon with the USE POISON skill.

Jesters also receive songs and dances that can be used to increase your allies abilities. The QUICKNESS song will increase the number of attacks you and your party members have per round. DISGUST will keep things from attacking you, and MERCY to stop damage all together if things are getting too deadly. One of the final skills you'll learn is PUPPETEER which allows you to animate puppets to fight with you in battle. They must be picked up before moving to another room, rendering them lifeless again, but while they are active they will add an extra attack against your foe. You can create your own using CARPENTRY, or find an Artisan to make one for you.

The Jester can run solo, but makes an excellent party member ... if the party has a good sense of humor.

Multi-Classing Options and Effectiveness