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Domain: Building
Available: Abjurer(15) Alterer(15) Arcanist(15) Artisan(1) Assassin(15) Barbarian(15) Bard(15) Beastmaster(15) Burglar(15) Cavalier(15) Charlatan(15) Cleric(15) Conjurer(15) Delver(15) Diviner(15) Doomsayer(15) Druid(15) Enchanter(15) Evoker(15) Fighter(15) Gaian(15) Healer(15) Illusionist(15) Jester(15) Mage(15) Mer(15) Minstrel(15) Missionary(15) Monk(15) Necromancer(15) Ninja(15) Oracle(15) Paladin(15) Pirate(15) Dancer(15) Purist(15) Ranger(15) Reliquist(15) Scholar(15) Shaman(15) SkyWatcher(15) Templar(15) Thief(15) Transmuter(15) Trapper(15) Wizard(15)
Allows: Quick Building Quick Worker Ingenious Engineering
UseCost: Movement (40)
Quality: Circumstantial
Targets: Items
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Examples: irrigate barrier north

irrigate list irrigate info wall irrigate sea irrigate title A messy room. irrigate desc east This is my favorite sea. irrigate desc room This is a watery place. irrigate help Bob irrigate demolish west irrigate demolish room

Description: This skill allows a player to irrigate an area into a new type on an outdoor property the player owns. This skill also allows the demolition of unwanted barriers and rooms, and the giving of a title and description to a room. The parameters also allow more than one person to assist in an irrigation project. Irrigation also allows the creation of water currents, which will cause things in the room to drift in a given direction over time.


IRRIGATE LIST will display all available irrigation recipes a specific character can make.