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Examples: import /areas/myarea.cmare

import noprompt nodelete /areas/midgaard.are

import areatype=stdthininstance /areas/midgaard.are /areas/school.are

import noprompt /areas/areas.lst

import noprompt /areas/

Description: The import command will allow you to import official coffeemud area files, whose extension is "*.cmare"

CoffeeMud may also import, with varying levels of success, the "*.are" files used by other muds. Some formats are better supported than others, so be sure to carefully examine the imported area afterwards.

The import command will auto detect, based on the file given, whether the file refers to a coffeemud area file, room file, a "*.are" from another mud, or a "*.lst" list of other area files.

The CoffeeMud "resources" directory is the default path. Remember that all paths in CoffeeMud treat the install directory as "root'. This means that the files being imported must be copied into a folder underneath your install directory before use. See the help on VFS for more information on this concept.