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Followers is a term that refers to any MOB (including a player character) in a group that is not the leader. Followers can be ordered by the leader. While it is possible to have a nested command of leaders (Mob C follows Mob B, who follows Mob A), only a leader may issue orders to a follower. Note: The overall party leader must have a high enough charisma to account for ALL followers in the group, even those following other members of the group.

  • While in a group, the leader can ORDER followers around. This can be useful, but caution should be used when following other players. Report abuse to your admin immediately, using the ASSIST command.

Follower Limit

Losing Followers

There are several ways of misplacing followers, and some mechanisms to regain them, potentially.

Getting Arrested

When you get arrested, you leave your group and are forced to follow the arresting officer. This will make your group no longer responsive to you, since they are not your group anymore.

Regaining Followers


Some mobs can gain loyalty, which will cause them to automatically rejoin your group whenever you are in the same room as them.


Retainers can be ordered as long as they are on you property.


You can lead an animal around with a lasso around their neck.

Locating Followers