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Domain: Gathering
Available: Abjurer(12) Alterer(12) Arcanist(12) Artisan(1) Assassin(12) Barbarian(12) Bard(12) Beastmaster(12) Burglar(12) Charlatan(12) Cleric(12) Conjurer(12) Delver(12) Diviner(12) Doomsayer(12) Druid(12) Enchanter(12) Evoker(12) Fighter(12) Gaian(12) Gaoler(12) Healer(12) Illusionist(12) Jester(12) Mage(12) Mer(12) Minstrel(12) Missionary(12) Monk(12) Necromancer(12) Ninja(12) Oracle(12) Paladin(12) Pirate(12) Dancer(12) Purist(12) Ranger(12) Sailor(12) Scholar(12) Shaman(12) SkyWatcher(12) Templar(12) Thief(12) Transmuter(12) Trapper(12) Wizard(12)
Allows: Quick Working Quick Worker Master Gardening Master Food Prep
UseCost: Movement (12)
Quality: Circumstantial
Targets: Items Creatures
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Examples: gplant roses

gplant bundle 10 roses

Description: This skill allows the player to plant herbs or flowers into the ground. The player must place a sample of the resource on the ground first to use as seed. After planting is completed, the resource will grow out some time later. There will be no need to forage them, as the new garden will simply appear.You can also bundle multiple resources together using this skill. The GET command can be used to unbundle such resources. See also the Composting skill.


  • Gardening is especially useful for planting specific varieties of herbs or flowers, such as rosemary or daisies; this can't be done with Farming or Landscaping. One can use Herbology on a pound of generic herbs to discover the specific variety, and likewise use Floristry on a pound of generic flowers. Master Herbology and Master Floristry can be used on bundles of generic herbs and flowers.