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Examples: get all dagger backpack

get all body

get pie

get all

get pie.2

get all.pie container.3

get 5 pie

get 5 from bundle

get 10 from package

Description: Places an item that is presently not in your carried inventory into your inventory. If the item is inside a specified container, it will be retreived from the container. If it is in the room or area you are occupying, it will be retrieved from there.


  • For getting part of a bundled or packaged item in a wagon, try GET 50 [ITEMNAME] BUNDLE (or PACKAGE) WAGON.
  • Syntax is very important for trying to pick up items. When necessary, consider adding quotes around the item you want to get. For example, GET "POUND OF WOOD"
  • Order of precedence for interacting with items is important as well. Inventory will be examined first, then room contents.