Fourposter Bed(Coliseum of Midgaard)

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===Fourposter Bed===
Material: Wood
Weight: 10 Item Level: 1
Storage Capacity: 2990 Item Types
Liquid Storage Capacity: Quench per Drink:
Has a Lid (Y/N)?: Has a Lock (Y/N)?:
Base Value: 12398 gold coins Area: Coliseum of Midgaard
Is Magical (Y/N)?: N Magic Level:
Is Invisible (Y/N)? N Is Hidden (Y/N)?: N
Is Glowing (Y/N)?: N Is a Light Source (Y/N)?: N
Other Affects:
Is Crafting Learnable (Y/N)?: Y Crafting Skill/Level: Carpentry / 1


You don't see anything special about a fourposter bed.