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The <VARIES> formatting can be applied to room titles and descriptions to provide alternate settings based on a specified code.

Where to apply VARIES

  • Room Titles
  • Room Descriptions

How to apply VARIES

  • An immortal with CMD privileges may use <VARIES> from the command line or MUD Grinder.
  • A Player with Building skills may add <VARIES> as part of the parameters of a room title or room description.

<VARIES> Syntax

The text to vary should always start with the <VARIES> tag, then a <code> from the list below, followed by the text to be displayed if that condition is met, followed by a </code&gt followed by any additional variations or an <ELSE> tag and an alternate description. There are no closing tags for <VARIES> or <ELSE>.

Code Use Example
SUMMER When the season is Summer <SUMMER>The grass is scorched from the hot summer sun.</SUMMER>
SPRING When the season is Spring <SPRING>The grass is long and green from the spring showers.</SPRING>
WINTER When the season is Winter <WINTER>The grass is browned from the harsh winter weather.</WINTER>
FALL When the season is Fall <FALL>The grass is covered in fallen leaves.</FALL>
DAY If the current hour is a daytime hour. <DAY>The street is abustle with activity.</DAY>
NIGHT If the current hour is a nighttime hour. <NIGHT>The street is void of life.</NIGHT>
DUSK If the current hour is dusk. <DUSK>Citizens hurry home from their workday.</DUSK>
DAWN If the current hour is dawn. <DAWN>Citizens drowsily head off to work.</DAWN>
RAIN The current weather condition is rain. <RAIN>The street is slick from the rain.</RAIN>
SLEET The current weather condition is sleet. <SLEET>The street is slick with ice.</SLEET>
SNOW The current weather condition is snow. <SNOW>The street is covered in snow.</SNOW>
CLEAR The current weather condition is clear. <CLEAR>The street is freshly cleaned.</CLEAR>
HEATWAVE The current weather condition is heatwave. <HEATWAVE>Waves of heat rise from the street.</HEATWAVE>
THUNDERSTORM The current weather condition is thunderstorm. <THUNDERSTORM>The street is dark and wet, periodically accentuated with a sudden flash of lightning.</THUNDERSTORM>
BLIZZARD The current weather condition is blizzard. <BLIZZARD>The street is obscured by the thick blowing snow</BLIZZARD>
WINDY The current weather condition is windy. <WINDY>Trash blows across the street.</WINDY>
DROUGHT The current weather condition is drought. <DROUGHT>The street is dry and cracked.</DROUGHT>
DUSTSTORM The current weather condition is duststorm. <DUSTSTORM>Thick clouds of dust cover the street.</DUSTSTORM>
COLD The current weather condition is cold. <COLD>The cold air is biting in the open street.</COLD>
HAIL The current weather condition is hail. <HAIL>Balls of ice collect on the sides of the street.</HAIL>
CLOUDY The current weather condition is cloudy. <CLOUDY>Clouds pass over this vacant street.</CLOUDY>
SWIMMING If the viewer is swimming <SWIMMING>The underwater scenery is beautiful.</SWIMMING><ELSE>You flail about drowning in the water, too busy to notice your surroundings.
FLYING If the viewer is flying. <FLYING>You fly under a bridge.</FLYING><ELSE>You have fallen off a bridge!
CRAWLING If the viewer is crawling. <CRAWLING>The floor is dirty and disgusting.</CRAWLING><ELSE>You walk across a dirt floor.
SITTING If the viewer is sitting. <SITTING>The dirt is soft and dry.</SITTING>
CLIMBING If the viewer is climbing <CLIMBING>You cling to the side of the cliff.</CLIMBING>
FALLING If the viewer is falling <FALLING>You continue your fall down the cliff.</FALLING><ELSE>You are flying next to a cliff.
INVISIBLE If the viewer is invisible <INVISIBLE>The room shimmers in black and white as you walk in the between.</INVISIBLE>
HIDDEN If the viewer is hiding <HIDDEN>Thieves beware!</HIDDEN>
VISITED Display if the room has already been visited <VISITED>The same old room</VISITED><ELSE>A room you haven't been to before.
MASKx used to apply a Zapper Mask. x should be replaced by a unique number. <MASK22 -RACE +DWARF>This is only seen by dwarves.</MASK22>