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==CoffeeMUD Classes==
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===CoffeeMUD Fighter Classes===
Barbarian        Fighter        Monk        Paladin        Ranger       


Fighters engage their opponents in direct, mundane combat. Some fighter may augment their combat prowess with magic, but all fighters rely upon their martial prowess for success in battle.

Prime Abilities

Strength is the most important stat for fighters and their subclasses. Constitution and Dexterity are also very useful.


  • Barbarian - Barbarians are brutes of warriors, favoring raw power over finesse.
  • Fighter - Fighters are well rounded martial warriors.
  • Monk - Monks are masters of unarmed combat and control over the ultimate weapon - their own bodies.
  • Paladin - Paladins are holy warriors, gaining benefits from their strict discipline to their benevolent deities.
  • Ranger - Rangers are masters of fighting in the wilds and ranged combat.
  • Swashbuckler (In development)