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Targets: Rooms
Parameters: min, max ticks, a percent chance, flags and strings
Examples: min=5 max=10 chance=100;damage=77 Title="A Horribly Blackened Spot" Description="This place was once just like any part of the road. Now it is nothing more than a sooty pit." NOSTOP eqchance=50
Description: This behavior makes a room operate like it is on fire. This can include dealing direct damage to players, burning flammable equipment and making non-flammable equipment heat up (i.e. is dropped), emote that it is burning, and eventually turn into a burnt-out room.

The first parameter can be empty for defaults, or may contain a setting for minimum ticks (min=10), maximum ticks (max=20), and the percept chance of occurrence after the random number of ticks has expired (chance=25).

Additional Settings and Flags:

  • DAMAGE=XXX - The amount of damage dealt to inhabitants every behavior tick
  • TITLE=(text) - The Room Display to change the room to when done burning
  • DESCRIPTION=(text) - The Room Desc to change the room to when done burning
  • EQCHANCE=XXX - The unlikeliness of EQ bursting into flames or heating up.
  • BURNTICKS=XXX - How many behavior ticks to keep burning (Moot with NOSTOP)
  • NOSTOP - Prevent the room from ever burning up. TITLE, DESCRIPTION and
  • BURNTICKS become irrelevant
  • NONPC - Don't deal damage or eq burn/drop to NPC's
  • NOFIRETEXT - Don't display burning emotes while the room is burning.

All of the parameters are optional. Defaults are:

  • DAMAGE=10
  • TITLE="A Charred Ruin"
  • DESCRIPTION="Whatever was once here is now nothing more than ash."
  • EQCHANCE=0 (no default Eq destruction)


  • This is an incredibly annoying behavior for players...use with care.