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This is a page where you can request features to be added to CoffeeMud, and hopefully someone in the community will answer your plea.

Remember to be as descriptive as possible.

Requests Place your requests here in the following style :

Brief: A short, one sentence description of the feature you would like added. Requested by: The name of the person requesting the feature (your name). Date requested: The date that you posted this on (today). CoffeeMud version: What version of CoffeeMud you would like this for (ie. CoffeeMud 5.0) Long: A description of what you would like the feature to do. Be as detailed as possible. Add examples if possible. Developer: The name of the person who decided to take up this project. Development started on: T he date that development started. ETA: The date that the developer estimates the feature will be complete. Date complete: Blank until the feature is complete. Add the date it was finished on . Link: A link to where one can get the source code and other appropriate information (preferably on the wikispace)

Brief: I'd like to see items scriptable with all the MOB behaviors. Requested by: Tearstar. Date requested: May 28, 2006 CoffeeMud version: 5.1 Long: What I would like to do mainly is have an item be able to act like a mob, walk, talk, mpoload, any scriptable behavior there is for a MOB i'd like to see work for items. Don't ask why but I personally have found 5 instances where I need these things (I am building a space based MUD).. Developer: Development started on: ETA: Date complete: Link:

Brief: Internationalization support Requested by: Carlos Felicio Date requested: 07/24/2007 CoffeeMud version: 6.0 Long: Make coffee mud a internationalized game, adding support to other languages. Developer: Development started on: ETA: Date complete: Link:

[Building Tools] Brief: 1. LIST ITEM [ALL] (KEYWORD/NAME) (LEVEL) 2. LIST MOB (KEYWORD/NAME) Requested by: Spike Date requested: September 2nd, 2008 CoffeeMud version: Whenever Long:

  • LIST ITEM [ALL] (keyword/name) (level). LIST ITEM alone will spit out all the items connected to the area one is in when the command is used. LIST ITEM ALL (KEYWORD/NAME) will allow you to see all items that share the keyword (i.e. sword), regardless of area it is reset in. Adding LEVEL to the argument will search only for items with that level.
  • Technically, LIST MOB could work the same as LIST ITEM, but lacks practical use somewhat. It should list all mobs in the area, and possibly have a keyword to use globally so you can see how many goblins you have, etc.

Developer: Bo Zimmerman Development started on: Years ago ETA: Date complete: Link: See the WHERE command

Brief: Guild System Requested by: Gicker Date requested: December 15, 2008 CoffeeMud version: 5.2 Long: I'd like players to be able to join guilds (separate from clans). Each guild would have a specific focus, and would grant abilities at different guild levels. People could tithe a portion of their exp to their guild exp. Would be similar to religions, but with levels like a character class. So a rogue could join the assassin's guild and gain special abilities not obtainable anywhere else as they level up in that guild. Preferably there would be support for guild creation in the mudgrinder, like there is for clans for example. Developer: Bo Zimmerman Development started on: 2/2013 ETA: Date complete: v5.7.10 Link: coffeemud.org