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The CoffeeMUD FAQ

This file is currently a copy of the FAQ sent to all members of the CoffeeMUD Yahoo Group upon joining.

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This FAQ is a supplement to the Installation Guide and the Archon Guide included with the codebase. Both those files and this FAQ should be reviewed *before* asking questions that are already covered. We love to help people and it can be hard to do that if folks don't read what's already available.

Q: What should I know to run a CoffeeMUD? A: Well, for starters, if you're going to run it on your computer and you don't know how to setup a firewall with port forwarding, you will have a tough time (and our group isn't *really* a network support group, so we're not top-notch at helping folks with their network troubles). Secondly, if you plan to do anything clever, different, or otherwise doing anything that isn't using what is within the system already, you will either need to know some basic Java coding OR be able to bribe a Java savvy friend with beer. You should also have some idea about what you want to have in your game. Yes, I know this sounds obvious, but it gets overlooked. CoffeeMUD supports Fantasy based games, so you will want to bear that in mind. In progress is support for Sci-Fi games, but it is a work in progress that is in its early stages.

Q: How do I setup levelless/classless? A: There is an option in the coffeemud.ini file to disable parts of the core system. Included in that list are things like "LEVELS, EXPERIENCE, RACES, CLASSES". This is still new territory for CoffeeMUD, so feedback is appreciated in this area.

Q: Can I add Northeast, southwest, etc? What supports it? A: Yes, haven't you read the INI help descriptions yet? DIRECTIONS=7 can be changed to DIRECTIONS=11, thereby enabling Northeast, Northwest, southeast, and southwest. No mapping based components, including the grinder, as yet support them.

Q: Can I get someone to code X for me? A: Most folks on the list are already deeply embedded in their own projects. You can try it yourself using the Programmer's Guide for reference and ask for help when you get stuck. Several people have also mentioned that you can hire coders from 'Rent-a-coder' services, but you better have a clear and exact understanding of what you want the coder to create for you, as this route WILL cost you money.

Q: Where do suggestions, questions, and bugs go? A: Well, best bet for questions, suggestions, and bugs is to email coffeemud@yahoogroups.com now that you're a group member. Many times people will expand on suggestions or have fixes for bugs for you pretty quickly.

Q: Can CoffeeMUD muds be hosted? A. Yes with an And or No with a But. Yes, and it'll cost you - No, but money can overcome that. Java based programs use a great deal of memory, so they essentially can use all the memory available in a system with little effort. Hosting companies are pretty snarly about that and will generally charge you for the overhead. Someone on list had spoken highly of the offerings from http://mu-host.com/ for off-site hosting. Most folks that run CoffeeMUD's generally host them at home. You will definitely want to be comfortable configuring firewalls if you do this option. You should also NOT try to host on dial-up. (Yes, someone has tried.)

Q: What's Espresso? A. It's a building tool that is still deep in the early stages of development. Bo was kind enough to include the server-side engine in the core system to ease keeping up with builds while Espresso is being brewed.

Q: Does CoffeeMUD support Remorting? A. Yes, in its own way. Here is the HELP REMORT entry: Remorting requires careful planning and, if you don't have the benefits of certain Druidic chants, lots of time. Remorting is done through your children. Children are created by using the MATE social with a member of the opposite sex while the both of you are suitably undressed. If pregnancy occurs in the female, birth will occur some 10 mud-months following this. The child should remain in the mothers inventory until it can walk, which occurs 9 mud- months following birth. If the child is Christened by a Cleric with a player legal name, and if the child remains as a follower of either the father or the mother until it grows up, it will become a player, which occurs 18-27 mud-months after birth. If the child does not remain an active follower, or if it is never Christened, it will grow up to be a mob, or perhaps not grow up at all! Should the named child grow up, the child will cease to be a following mob, and become a player which can be logged-in as. The child may be a mixed breed of the mother and father if one of them is a Human and the other is not. Racial benefits will be split between the mother and father, though children will have a bonus to their maximum stats when they become a player, making them a good choice for playing! If you are looking for that traditional remort concept revolving around classes, it is not supported. But you can accomplish that through setting the INI CLASSYSTEM=MULTI, then do a bit of code changing within your class files. For example, you might have ‘Super Wizard’ or something. In that class file: public boolean qualifiesForThisClass(MOB mob, boolean quiet) { if((mob.charStats().getClassLevel(“Wizard”)<30) &&(mob.charStats().getClassLevel(“Power Wizard”)<30)) { if(!quiet) mob.tell("You aren't a master of wizardry yet."); return false; } return true; } In that case, the player would have to have 30 levels in both “Wizard” and “Power Wizard” to qualify for the “Super Wizard” CharClass.

Q: Does CoffeeMUD have a Building Port? A. No, there is no separate port for world content creation. All building tools are on-line realtime. It is easy to export and import areas, so you can run more than one copy. This can be essential if you are also making coding changes, which will often require reboots.

Q: What databases can CoffeeMUD work with? A: Again, anything ODBC friendly. It comes with a flat file system called FakeDB so you don't have to setup a database if you want. However, products like MySQL and HSQLDB make the system run much faster.

Q: I just got what looks like Spam on the CoffeeMUD group email list. A: That's not a question, but yes, it does occasionally happen. We have a crack team of moderators who ban the abusers right away. The best thing you can do about it is ignore them completely, not reply with cursing or witty caustic remarks. This FAQ was primarily written by Jeremy Vyska (JDVyska@charter.net) with assistance from many of the helpful members of the Yahoo Group.