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Description: Elves are slightly shorter and more slender than humans, but are quick and agile. They receive one bonus Dexterity point, but lose one Constitution point. Elves have Infravision, are skilled at Foraging. Though their class choices are more limited than humans, they have the broadest choices of all demi-humans.
Stat Adjustments: dexterity+1, constitution-1, save vs magic+10, max dexterity adj.+1, max constitution adj.+1
Racial Abilities:
Cultural Abilities: Foraging
Racial Effects: Keenvision
Bonus Languages: Elvish
Bonus Abilities: infravision
Immunities: Poison Ivy
Experience Modification: 0%
Life Expectancy: 430 years
Starting Equipment: a delicate green shirt, a pair of sandals, some delicate leggings, a knitted weapon belt
Wear Locations: head neck torso arms left wrist right wrist left finger right finger feet held wield hands floating nearby waist legs eyes ears body mouth back
Qualifying Classes: Abjurer Alterer Apprentice Arcanist Artisan Assassin Barbarian Bard Beastmaster Burglar Cleric Conjurer Diviner Doomsayer Druid Enchanter Evoker Fighter Gaian Gaoler Healer Illusionist Mage Mer Minstrel Missionary Monk Necromancer Oracle Pirate Dancer Purist Ranger Reliquist Sailor Scholar Shaman SkyWatcher Templar Thief Transmuter Trapper Wizard

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