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Domain: Artistic
Available: Abjurer(2) Alterer(2) Arcanist(2) Artisan(1) Assassin(2) Barbarian(2) Bard(2) Beastmaster(2) Burglar(2) Charlatan(2) Cleric(2) Conjurer(2) Delver(2) Diviner(2) Doomsayer(2) Druid(2) Enchanter(2) Evoker(2) Fighter(2) Gaian(2) Healer(2) Illusionist(2) Jester(2) Mage(2) Mer(2) Minstrel(2) Missionary(2) Monk(2) Necromancer(2) Ninja(2) Oracle(2) Paladin(2) Pirate(2) Dancer(2) Purist(2) Ranger(2) Scholar(2) Shaman(2) SkyWatcher(2) Templar(2) Thief(2) Transmuter(2) Trapper(2) Wizard(2)
Allows: Master Dyeing Quick Working Quick Worker Artsy Painting
UseCost: Movement (5)
Quality: Circumstantial
Targets: Items Creatures
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Commands: DYE, DYEING
Examples: dye LIST

dye shirt blue dye shirt remove

Description: This skill allows the player to dye a qualifying cloth item a different color, or to remove an existing color. More options become available at higher levels, and higher artistic expertise.


Current colors include: white, green, blue, red, yellow, cyan, purple, dark white, dark green, dark blue, dark red, dark yellow, dark cyan, or dark purple.

  • Dyeing only works on items crafted by you.
    • You cannot dye items crafted by another player.
    • You cannot dye a store-bought item or an item found in the world. You may be able to learn the item, craft it, and then dye it, however.