Durable Shaping(Expertise)

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===Durable Shaping===
Requires: One of the following skills: Carpentry, Scrimshawing. A base strength of at least 14.
Description: The ability to craft armors and clothing to be more protective. Items crafted "Strong" are a little heavier, slightly more protective, and worth a little more.
Flags: X2
Level Requirements: 0
Cost: 2 trains Total Ranks: 3
Skills: One of the following skills: Carpentry, Scrimshawing. Stats: A base strength of at least 10+4*RANK.

Crafting Adjectives

Rank Adjective Affect
I Strong ??
II Reinforced ??
III Fortified ??


The following abilities are affected by this expertise:


  • This expertise is strength based due to the required strength in handling, shaping and attaching thicker armors together.
  • Only items with at least one point of armor can be modified by this expertise. If an item's base protective value is 0, attempting to apply any level of this expertise will return an error message.