Druid ShapeShift

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===Shape Shift===
Domain: Shape Shifting
Available: Beastmaster(1) Druid(1) Mer(1)
Allows: Shapeshifting
UseCost: Mana (51)
Quality: Sometimes Beneficial
Targets: Caster only
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Examples: shapeshift

shapeshift list shapeshift cub

Description: Throughout his or her life, a Druid will have a particular creature which he or she may change to and from at will. By entering into this chant in any shape, the druid may change to their special animal form. The animal form will progress as the Druid gains in levels. Entering the command again allows the druid to revert to human form. A higher level druid may optionally specify a lower version of their form to assume that form instead. Use shapeshift list to see all available forms.

Shapeshift Forms

Below is a listing of the various forms each type of druid may change into. The Relative Level is how many levels above qualifying level you need to get this form. Note for beastmasters, if you are getting your second or third totem, your qualifying level is the level you get that totem at.

Racial Category Race Benefit Relative Level
Bird Robin 1
Bird Owl 6
Bird Hawk 12
Bird Eagle 18
Bird Harpy 24
Bovine Cow (Calf) 1
Bovine Cow 6
Bovine Buffalo 12
Bovine Bull 18
Bovine Minotaur 24
Canine Puppy 1
Canine Dog 6
Canine Wolf 12
Canine Dire Wolf 18
Canine WereWolf 24
Crustacean Shrimp 1
Crustacean Great Lobster 6
Crustacean Giant Crab 12
Crustacean Chuul 18
Crustacean Aldani 24
Feline Kitten 1
Feline Cat 6
Feline Puma 12
Feline Lion 18
Feline Manticore 24
Fish Clown Fish 1
Fish Angelfish 6
Fish Swordfish 12
Fish Shark 18
Fish Merfolk 24
Insect Grasshopper 1
Insect Millipede 6
Insect Tarantula 12
Insect Scarab 18
Insect Man-Scorpion 24
Primate Monkey 1
Primate Chimp 6
Primate Ape 12
Primate Gorilla 18
Primate Sasquatch 24
Rodent Rat 1
Rodent Beaver 6
Rodent Porcupine 12
Rodent Dire Rat 18
Rodent WereBat 24
Sea Mammal Seal 1
Sea Mammal Walrus 6
Sea Mammal Dolphin 12
Sea Mammal Whale 18
Sea Mammal Selkie 24
Snake Garden Snake 1
Snake Snake 6
Snake Python 12
Snake Cobra 18
Snake Naga 24
Ursine Cub 1
Ursine Black Bear 6
Ursine Grizzly Bear 12
Ursine Polar Bear 18
Ursine WereBear 24

Combat Bonuses

Each form provides some additional combat bonuses, which increase with level. A relative scale is provide below. High is better than Good, Good is better than Improved, and Improved is better than Base. Base is the same as your normal form.

Racial Category Attack Damage Armor Combat Speed
Bird Slightly Improved Very High Extremely Improved Base
Bovine Very Good Very High Slightly Improved Base
Canine Very High Extremely Good Very Improved Base
Crustacean Slightly Improved Improved Extremely High Base
Feline Very High Good Extremely Improved Base
Fish Improved Very Improved Extremely Improved Very High
Insect Very Good Good Very High Improved
Primate Very High Extremely Good Slightly Improved Base
Rodent Very Good Very Improved Very High Slightly Improved
Sea Mammal Very High Extremely Improved Improved Slightly Improved
Snake Improved Very Improved Very High Base
Ursine Extremely High Good Improved Base


  • You may need to change your language after shapeshifting out of an animal form for others to understand you.