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===My Plants===
Domain: Nature Lore
Available: Delver(1) Druid(1) Gaian(1) Mer(1)
Allows: Nature Lore
UseCost: Mana (51)
Quality: Sometimes Beneficial
Targets: Caster only
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Examples: myplants
Description: A druid can, at will, become attuned to the plants which he or she has created through druidic magic. This ability allows the druid to perceive all of his or her magical plants still alive, and where they are.

This skill is most useful for Plant Pass and for creating a druidic connection to an area. A druid in a rural area has placed one of his or her plants in at least 50% of the rooms in an area will create a druidic connection to the area. See also Druidic Connection for more information on this phenomenon.

Druids also gain experience for placing their plants inside areas classified as cities. A certain number of plants per city per mud-month can be summoned for experience in this way.