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==CoffeeMUD Classes==
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===CoffeeMUD Druid Classes===
Beastmaster        Delver        Druid        Gaian        Mer        Sky Watcher       
Description: Druids are mystical guardians of the natural world, and the wielders of natures grandest powers. They may not wear metal, and can only use a small set of natural weapons, but their notorious health and magical

chants more than make up for this. Like the natural world, Druids are restricted to a neutral alignment.

Druid is the starting point for numerous sub-classes which the player may choose to gain levels in at any time. These sub-classes include: Delver, Beastmaster, Gaian, Mer, and SkyWatcher.

How to play: The druid is the most complex class to play. Most of his magic requires the assistance of numerous spells to bear fruit, but the benefits make the complexity well worth it. The druid is also best fit for travelling with animal armies of his own creation. In groups, the druid can assist with some extra fire power at high levels. For the most part though, it is alone that the druid will flourish, forming his own animal groups to make up for his weakness in combat.

Although weak in melee combat, due to equipment and skill limitations, the druid is capable of marshaling all the powers of animals and plants to aid in the vanquishing of foes for experience. At higher levels, as the powers of weather come into play, the Druid will find their magical prowess unequaled by any other class.

Primary Stat: Constitution
Qualifications: Constitution 9+
Practices: 5 +(Wisdom/6)+2 per level. Note: The first number is the number gained at 1st level. Subsequent levels gain the Wisdom/X+Y number.
Trains: 3 +1 per level. Note: The first number is the number gained at 1st level. Subsequent levels gain the number preceding the "per level".
Hit Points: 20 +(Con/2)+(2d7) per lvl.
Mana: 100 +(Int/4)+(1d4) /lvl.
Movement: 100 +10X(Str/18) per lvl.
Attack: +(Con/18) per level.
Damage: +1 damage per 30 level(s).
Maximum Stat Values: Constitution (25), Others (18)
Bonuses: When leading animals into battle, will not divide experience among animal followers. Can create a druidic connection with an area. Benefits from animal/plant/stone followers leveling. Benefits from freeing animals from cities. Benefits from balancing the weather.
Weapons: Must use wooden, plant-based, or leather weapons.
Armor: Must wear non-metal armor.
Limitations: Must remain Neutral to avoid skill and chant failure chances.
Starting Equipment: a wooden quarterstaff
Races: Centaur Drow Duergar Dwarf Elf Goblin Half Elf Human Ogre
Level Class Skills (Skills in parenthesis must be trained for at a trainer or by another player.)
1 My Plants (Wands) (Revoke)

Druidic Pass Climb (Hand to hand combat) Shape Shift (Bestow Name) Write (Summon Plants) Swim (Wilderness Lore) (Harden Skin) (Predict Weather) (Bandaging) (Staff Specialization) (Herbology) (Smoke Rings) Recall (Foraging) (Gem Digging) (Drilling) (Fishing) (Hunting) (Shearing)

2 (Summon Water) (Sense Poison)

(Locate Plants) (Lacquering) (Embroidering) (Dyeing) (Butchering) (Engraving) (Cooking) (Wood Chopping)

3 (Summon Food) (Life Echoes) (Moonbeam) Fire Building (Blacksmithing) (Clan Crafting) (Tailoring) (Leather Working) (Carpentry)
4 (Tangle) (Summon Fire) (Locate Animals) (Searching) (Mining) (Weaving) (Pottery) (Costuming) (Sculpting) (Distilling)
5 (Fortify Food) (Eaglesight) (Feel Electricity) (Painting) (Food Prep) (Baking) (Armorsmithing) (Cobbling) (Weaponsmithing) (Glass Blowing) (Fletching)

(Scrimshawing) (Paper Making)

6 (Treeform) (Calm Animal) (Sunray)
7 (Feel Hunger) (Natural Balance) (Goodberry) (Feel Cold)
8 (Venom Ward) (Warp Wood)

(Control Fire)

9 (Water Walking) (Calm Wind) (Barkskin) (Call Companion)
10 (Feel Heat)

(Grow Club) (Brittle) (Animal Friendship) (Wainwrighting) (Masonry) (Jewel Making) (Construction) (Siegecraft) (Ship Building) (Locksmithing) (Speculating) (Farming) (Smelting) (Taxidermy)

11 (Venomous Bite) (Wind Gust) (Plant Pass)
12 (Fish Gills)

(Treemind) (Whisperward)

13 (Plant Bed) (Lightning Ward) (Hold Animal)
14 (Cold Ward) (Illusionary Forest) (Earthfeed) (Hippieness)
15 (Charm Animal)

(Plant Lore) (Fertilization) (Herbalism) (Calm Weather) (Irrigation) (Landscaping) (Excavation)

16 (Shillelagh) (Fire Ward) (Summon Peace)
17 (Distant Growth)

(Quake) (Summon Plague)

18 (Reabsorb) (Gas Ward) (Hibernation) (Plant Maze)
19 (Summon Animal) (Summon Heat) (Nectar) (Sense Sentience)
20 (Scrapping)

(Grapevine) (Summon Insects) (Summon Cold)

21 (Sense Pregnancy) (Plant Snare)

(Animal Spy) (Summon Rain) (Sense Fluids)

22 (Sense Plants) (Find Plant)

(Treemorph) (Summon Wind) (Neutralize Poison)

23 (Find Ore) (Sense Ores)

(Summon Mount) (Grow Item) (Summon Lightning)

24 (Sense Age) (Find Gem)

(Charm Area) (Summon Elemental) (Summon Fear) (Sense Gems)

25 (Feralness)

(Summon Sapling) (Speed Time)

30 Reincarnation
35 (Plane Walking)

Multi-Classing Options and Effectiveness

How to Play

The path of Druidic growth, by Indala.

The druid, by his or her self, is not the strongest of fighters. Yet by harnessing the powers of nature they can progress quite methodically without even resorting to combat.

Right from the start, every druid will learn how to summon plants. Not only will this provide some experience when used in the right areas, but they also may be used for transportation and perhaps more importantly, allows a druid to create a connection to an area.

Later on, druids may learn how to befriend animals to the extent that the animal will follow the druid. If the animal was obtained within a town, village or city, when they cease following at any point outside then the druid may feel a sense of accomplishment also.

Still later, druids may learn how to harness the weather. Being masters of natural balance, the best results for a druid will come from balancing the weather. Each area has its own balance that an enterprising druid may seek out and ensure it is balanced. Whilst it is expensive in both time and mana to do this, both will become cheaper as the druid progresses in ability.

On reaching sufficient experience, a druid will gain the chants of Speed time, and Reincarnation. The former alone would make a druid much in demand for many crafters if they wish to assist, although perhaps some druids may refuse to help with creating such objects that are not found in nature. The other chant, Reincarnation, could be either a blessing or a curse, depending on how it was used.