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===CoffeeMUD Druid Classes===
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Druids are protectors of nature and the natural order of the universe. Druids don't answer to a specific God, although they recognize their power. Instead, Druids seek to maintain balance of all things. Druid subclasses are specialists in a particular order of the universe, such as beasts, plants, weather or a particular environment.

As protectors of nature, druids of all forms can create a druidic connection with a natural area and gain experience for protecting that area.

Prime Abilities

Constitution is the prime requisite for Druids, who must be able to endure the sometimes harsh aspect of nature.


  • Beastmaster - Beastmasters are friends and protectors of unintelligent (as defined by man) animals.
  • Delver - Delvers are Druids of the deep. They protect the domains deep below the surface. They prefer to steer clear of the underground civilizations, instead protecting the wild caverns and underground terrains from the encroachment of civilization.
  • Druid - Druids are the general protectors of nature. As such, they often avoid cities and people whenever possible.
  • Gaian - Gaians are the protectors of plants and wildernesses.
  • Mer - Druids of the sea, Mer protect coastlines and water creatures from the ravages of civilization.
  • Skywatcher - Skywatchers are the guardians of weather, using their powers to calm unnatural storms or to clean a land of pestilence through the impressive forces of nature.