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CoffeeMUD has a unique pantheon of gods: The Alra-Paranian pantheon.

History of the World

It is known among the sages that the god Alram was given the job of molding a place on which to set the plan of life in motion. He created a universe of brightly lit torches, and by their light was able to construct a flat plain of earth on which life could be sustained. The goddess Malla brought the sun into existence and set it to spin around the world, providing a day and night. The gods together (or under direction) agreed on a scheme of order and amusement and purpose, all of which would be embodied in the world. On this world then Alram placed plants and the seas, which would sustain the first life. Paran than created men and elves, the embodiment of the worlds high purpose, alone possessing reason. Alram created the dwarves and the gnomes, being tied to the earth and to its fruits. The god Lorti then taught the peoples government and wise counsel, around which they could find order. Bella gave them wisdom and capacity for knowledge, that they might have dominion over the lesser creatures. Lastly, Malla taught them peace, that they may temper the gifts of Lorti.

And with the flourishing of the world, each of these gods then created deities to aid their creations and themselves. These deities also called gods and goddesses answer the calls of their greater brothers and sisters while leading the peoples of the lands and oceans.

So the world as intended by the gods was made, and the thus began its journey when the god Kortamus, opposed to the domain of good and order, then created his own peoples to occupy the world. He borrowed from the creations of Alram and Paran, distorting them until he had introduced chaos and evil to the other peoples, thus giving them free will, and making the destiny of the world no longer certain. And so thus the world now stands, divided and struggling to right itself after the deeds of Kortamus.

In Year 378, the goddess Lilith pierced the realms and began influencing mortals with her power. This opening created opportunity for other deities to invade, including certain members of the Faerunian pantheon, which arrived starting in Year 428.

List of Major Gods

  • Alram - Alram is the god of Nature and Creativity. Having molded the world from the raw materials of his thought, he is believed by his worshipers to be the King of the Gods.
  • Paran - Paran is the god of Sentience and Passion. Considered the second most powerful god, he watches over all of his beloved children, the thinking and feeling races of the realm.
  • Lorti - Lorti is the god of War, and the Rule of men over each other. His worship is usually found in military and fighter ranks, and his Clerics among the most respected as both tacticians and supressors of insurrection or revolt.
  • Malla - Malla is the goddess of peace and light. It is from her beauty that the good powers of magic flow into the world, and her nature which inspires brotherhood.
  • Bella - Bella is the goddess of knowledge and wisdom, whose plea is that all beings seek and attain the highest enlightenment during their time.
  • Kortamus - Kortamus is the evil god of Chaos. Although originally a creative and inspiring member of the realm of gods, he was eventually cast out for his cruel and vicious pursuit of trivial pleasures and arbitrary goals at all cost.
  • Cygnus - Cygnus is the god of balance. He was granted gifts from all of the gods to maintain order amongst the gods. He is worshipped by crafters, diplomats and bureaucrats.

In addition to worshipping a specific deity, the Alraparanian Pantheon can be worshipped as a whole, but has fewer benefits and restrictions than the individual gods. Similar to individual deities, pantheon clerics must use a dedicated temple to the pantheon to perform services, and cannot use individual deity temples for their services.

Invader Gods

There are no world temples to the invader gods. Any temples to these gods must be built by players. In order to convert to one of the invader gods, players must seek out other player clerics to the respective deities.

Demon Gods

  • Lilith - Lilith is the demon-god of chaos and mystery. She wields her mystical knowledge as a weapon to entice mortal souls to her worship, although only powerful female Demons and Dragons may become priests of Lilith.

Faerunian Gods

  • Bane - Bane is a cruel, intelligent tyrant that uses his influence to spread his rule, acting indirectly through his followers.
  • Gond - Gond, the wonderbringer, is a god of creativity and invention. His creations are not limited to non-magical creations, though, and sometimes he deigns to provide new recipes to his servants.
  • Kelemvor - Kelemvor is the god of the dead. His worshippers help the dieing and their families accept the inevitability of death. He teaches that the undead are an abhorent abuse of the cycle of life and death, and should be destroyed upon sight.
  • Mask - Mask is the god of thievery, stealth and deception.
  • Mielikki - This nature goddess is a favorite amongst rangers and druids.
  • Myrkul - The god of the undead, Myrkul was once the god of the dead...until he was killed and Kelemvor ascended to that throne. Myrkul's faithful servants were able to reanimate the god, who now holds a significantly reduced portfolio of powers.
  • Shaundakul - This whimsical god travels the worlds seeking excitement and new experiences, and encourages the same from his followers.
  • Torm - The lord of paladins, Torm is one of three Faerunian Dieties that make up The Triad, a grouping of deities that stand for righteous justice.
  • Tymora - The goddess of good luck was born from the body of the old goddess of luck at the same time as her twin sister, Besheba.
  • Tyr - Tyr, the one-handed is an ancient deity that spans multiple realities and has a prominent role in the Faerunian faith. He is one of the Triad, a grouping of deities that stand for righteous justice.
  • Umberlee - The goddess of the sea is a capricious and malevolent goddess. Her worshippers send her prayers in hopes of safe travel, but rarely speak openly of her or other gods, least they acquire her wrath.


Each deity has their own portfolio of allowed worshipers. Worshipers who fall out of grace with their deity will eventually be rebuked by their deity, suffering a huge loss of experience.


In order to worship a specific deity you must be Converted by a cleric of that faith. A cleric with no faith may use the Convert skill to select a deity.

  • The Chamber of the 5th Ring in Magthere Wa`q allows new underdark characters to select a specific alraparanian deity without the services of a cleric.
  • There are Priests in the Temple of Alramus in Alramus who will convert you to any Alra-Paranian deity.
  • A travelling priest can be found on the rainbow bridge above the Temple of Paran in Midgaard to conver you to the Alraparanian Pantheon.
  • Doz, in the Temple of Paran in Midgaard, will convert paying customers to Paran.
  • Mukreek, in the Temple of Lorti in New Thalos, will convert paying customers to Lorti.
  • The Healer Adept, in the Temple of Magic in Elvenhame, will convert paying customers to Bella.
  • A librarian of Cygnus, in the Library of Cygnus located in Calinth, will convert paying customers to Cygnus.

Favored Weapons

The deity's favored weapon determines the type of weapon crafted by Paladins when crafting a holy avenger or unholy reaver, as well as affect some prayers.


Blessings are what a deity bestows upon you for performing the required ritual. Clerics receive all the blessings of their gods, while mere worshippers receive a random one.


Powers are additional abilities that a deity may grant for performing the required ritual. Clerics will receive only one of the available powers, at the deity's discretion.


A service is a ritual performed by a Cleric in the service of a deity. The service must be performed in a room which has had holiness infused within it with one of the prayers Infuse Holiness, Infuse Unholiness, or Infuse Balance. The service must be performed according to the instructions laid out by the deity, which may include time and pause requirements, or specific things said or done. When the first step of a service is performed successfully, any NPC mobs within a particular range from the service location who worship the same deity will make their way to the room to hear or even participate in the service. At the end of the service, the cleric performing it will receive experience based on the number and levels of the faithful mobs and players present. A service may only be performed in a particular area for a particular deity once every 30 minutes.


Some deities will show their displeasure with their clerics and/or worshippers through curses. A curse can be received for each offense that the deity deems unworthy. While these unworthy actions are defined, they are not easily discerned or particularly well documented for any deity.

  • Torm has been known to punish foul-mouthed worshippers.
  • Umberlee has been known to punish worshippers discussing other gods by name.

Other Deity Resources

The Deity Comparison Table is a sortable resource of all the known deities in CoffeeMUD.


  • If a Deity's ability results in the death of your enemy, you will earn very little experience for the kill, since all deities are much higher level than players.