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Targets: MOBs, Items
Parameters: min, max ticks, a percent chance, trigger masks
Examples: min=10 max=20 chance=75 answer=" goes poof!"

min=10 max=20 chance=75 -LEVEL +<17 notrigger answer=" " min=10 max=20 chance=75 -CLASS +Paladin

Description: According to the timing and percent chance described by the parameters, the mob or item with this behavior will vanish at the expired time. MOBs do not begin their countdown until attacked, items when they are picked up, weapons when they are first wielded, or armor when it is first worn. The countdown may also depend on whether the mob or player triggering the countdown meets any masks specified. You may force the object to decay immediately by placing the NOTRIGGER mask inside your parameter string. The message seen when the object decays can also be modified by changing the ANSWER parameter. For value masks to determine whether a countdown begins,

see AHELP ZAPPERMASK, where allowed is decayed, and disallowed is ignored.