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Creating Recipes

There are two ways to create recipes for crafting skills. One is to modify the skill's recipe list, the other is to create an item (GenRecipe) that players must have in their inventory in order to create that item.

Modifying recipe lists

A builder may use the shell commands or file browser to edit the skill's recipe list, or may use the Skill Recipes editor in the grinder to create a new recipe. After creating the new recipe(s) it is advised to view the skill's entire recipe list using the Skill Recipes editor in the grinder. If the grinder fails to pull up this skill's list, it means that one or more recipes in the list have an error. If you review the Server Log, you will see the line number of the first invalid recipe (remember, the list starts at line 0, not at line 1). Fix the error in the recipe list, and try to view the skill through the Skill Recipe editor again, repeating as often as required until you can see the full list of recipes through the editor.


GenRecipes allow a builder to add new items to a skill through discovery, instead of through leveling. A GenRecipe can contain a specified number of recipes for one skill.

Ingredient Nomenclature

When specifying the required material types for a recipe the following names have special meaning:

Name Result
GEMSTONE Precious rocks
ROCK All types of rocks
STONE Only the STONE GenResource
WOODEN All types of wood
WOOD Only the WOOD GenResource


  • When making recipe names, the name should be unique. If you make a recipe for a SMALL UMBER, then do not also make a recipe for UMBER. Instead, make a MEDIUM UMBER so that the parser can distinguish it from (SMALL) UMBER.
  • All recipe names should be in lower case for consistency.
  • Make sure your recipe names don't have a double space in them. It can be hard to spot the difference between SMALL CHEST and SMALL CHEST on some clients (and very confusing to players).
  • The seventh column in boatbuilding is the RIDE_BASIS, which doesn't really apply, since we are making GenBoats. RIDE_BASIS examples include AIR, WATER, LADDER, etc. Just leave this column blank.
  • Item Restrings are not generally available as skills due to huge potential for player abuse. In a text-based game, the ability to modify the text of an item has huge impact. Therefore, all crafting abilities that do allow for a form of restring use specific formulas. Examples: Jewelmaking and Locksmithing.