Cora Isle

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===Cora Isle===
Description: This small southern island in the Itantan Sea is home to the Cora Institute, a facility of learning for young students.
Author: Loki (original content author unknown) Currency: Alramian
Rooms: 111 Population: 86
LevelRange: 1-8 MedianLevel: 3
AvgAlign: somewhat evil MedAlignment: pure neutral
Economy: This area uses Gold Crowns, the currency of Alramia.
Languages: Common is spoken here.
Recommendation: This area is recommended for new characters, or those under level 5.

This is the initial starting area for fae-related races: Aarakocran, Centaur, Lizard Man, Merfolk, and Pixie

Useful Items


Connected Areas

Exit Method

Mr. Pucket, the Mayor of Cora Isle (in your recall room) can transport you to the following cities, resetting your recall to your new home. Just say HELP, and he will guide you through your options:

Additionally, you may go to the docks and take a ship to:

Reentry Method

If you travel to Cora Isle using the IMS Southbounder from New Thalos, or the IMS Swiftsure from Alramus, you can have your ^cRECALL^? reset to Cora Isle by asking the mayor about your recall.




  • If your Charisma is high enough, lost newbies will follow you and tell you where they are trying to get to. This can earn you some bonus XP.
  • If you just want to grind out some kills, follow the muddy footprints inside the institute to the back yard, where you will find animals to kill. The footprints lead FROM the back yard TO the village.