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Domain: Epicurean
Available: Abjurer(2) Alterer(2) Arcanist(2) Artisan(1) Assassin(2) Barbarian(2) Bard(2) Beastmaster(2) Burglar(2) Cavalier(2) Charlatan(2) Cleric(2) Conjurer(2) Delver(2) Diviner(2) Doomsayer(2) Druid(2) Enchanter(2) Evoker(2) Fighter(2) Gaian(2) Gaoler(1) Healer(2) Illusionist(2) Jester(2) Mage(2) Mer(2) Minstrel(2) Missionary(2) Monk(2) Necromancer(2) Ninja(2) Oracle(2) Paladin(2) Pirate(2) Dancer(2) Purist(2) Ranger(2) Reliquist(2) Sailor(2) Scholar(2) Shaman(2) SkyWatcher(2) Templar(2) Thief(2) Transmuter(2) Trapper(2) Wizard(2)
Allows: Distilling Quick Cooking Master Cooking Quick Worker Home Cooking Advanced Cooking Food Prep Baking Vigorous Cooking
UseCost: Movement (27)
Quality: Circumstantial
Targets: Items
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Examples: cook list

cook list stew cook list 5-10 cook list all cook pot

Description: This skill allows the player to create a more nutritious meal from basic edible ingredients. The player must be near a fire over which the meal can be cooked. The ingredients must be placed in a fire-safe container, like a pot or pan. A pot may be filled with water, if water is required for the recipe. The ingredients for cooking are best obtained through the Butchering skill and the Foraging skill, and some Food Prep may be necessary for some dishes.