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Domain: Building
Available: Abjurer(10) Alterer(10) Arcanist(10) Artisan(1) Assassin(10) Barbarian(10) Bard(10) Beastmaster(10) Burglar(10) Cavalier(10) Charlatan(10) Cleric(10) Conjurer(10) Delver(10) Diviner(10) Doomsayer(10) Druid(10) Enchanter(10) Evoker(10) Fighter(10) Gaian(10) Healer(10) Illusionist(10) Jester(10) Mage(10) Mer(10) Minstrel(10) Missionary(10) Monk(10) Necromancer(10) Ninja(10) Oracle(10) Paladin(10) Pirate(10) Dancer(10) Purist(10) Ranger(10) Reliquist(10) Scholar(10) Shaman(10) SkyWatcher(10) Templar(10) Thief(10) Transmuter(10) Trapper(10) Wizard(10)
Allows: Caravan Building Quick Building Decorating Quick Worker Ingenious Engineering Find Home
UseCost: Movement (35)
Quality: Circumstantial
Targets: Items
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Examples: construct wall north

construct list construct info wall construct roof construct door east construct title A messy room. construct desc east This is my favorite Door. construct desc room This is a messy room. construct stairs construct help Bob construct demolish west construct demolish room

Description: This skill allows a player to construct a building or other structures on a property the player owns. Walls, stairs, and doors may be built following the construction of roof and framework. Fences and gates may be built outdoors. This skill also allows the demolition of unwanted walls and structures, upstairs rooms, and the giving of a title and description to a room. The parameters also allow more than one person to assist in a construction project. All of the structures made with this skill are made of wood. Items crafted with balsa can be done with half the required wood listed, while items crafted with ironwood will require twice the required wood listed. The raw wood for construction can be obtained using the Chopping skill.


CONSTRUCT LIST will display all available construction recipes a specific character can make.


  • A WIDE ROOF makes the room larger, increasing movement cost to travel through the room, and increasing the maximum range of indoor combat.
  • Carpentry doors will all be displayed as "a closed door", masking their level from a simple LOOK command.
    • The door level may affect performance of the door in some fashion, such as lock level, detection ability (for secret doors), or viewability (look door).
    • This is the only BUILDING skill that can create outdoor door-types (gates).
  • To connect upstairs to downstairs on a grid property, use the TRAP DOOR.
  • All upstairs rooms need to be demolished in order to remove the roof from a room and enable it to be outdoors again. This will result in permanently destroying those upstairs rooms.
    • You may wish to sell them first before demolishing them, to get some money back, if you spent money on them.