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Targets: MOBs, Items, Rooms, Areas
Parameters: "ALL PRICE"/"AREA/ROOM"="PRICE"/"PARAM"="VALUE"; ... ;
Examples: 1.5

Midgaard#3001=1.5; Smurfville=2.0; =70 ; AREAONLY=true Midgaard#3032; =100 ; AREAONLY=false; MAXRANGE=100

Description: This behavior makes the mob a deliverer of information to players, specifically the directions to rooms or areas. The mob will charge for his services if you specify a price in the parameters, or he will do it for free if you don't, or if the last price specified was 0. The parameters can include a comma delimited set of room IDs, area names, or even short title descriptions for quickly entering rooms within short range of the mob.

The parameters may also include certain other variables as part of the parameter list. These include AREAONLY = true or false, to specify whether the concierge knows anything about places outside his area. MAXRANGE=number for the maximum number of rooms away from the concierge that is known. GREETING=message will give a special concierge greeting message for all players who enter the room its in. ENTERMSG will give a message to players who mount the concierge (rideables only). TALKERNAME=name will change the apparent name of the speaker. PERROOM=number will set a per-room price for the distance from the current room to the one sought. NOWATER=true to prevent trails over water. NOAIR=true, to prevent trails through the air. NOLOCKS=true to prevent trails through locked doors. NOHOMES=true to prevent trails through private homes. NOINDOOR=true to prevent finding or trailing through indoor rooms. NOCLIMB to prevent trails through climbable exits. NOCRAWL to prevent trails through crawlable exits. Use PORTAL=true to have the concierge create a magical portal instead of giving directions.


  • Concierge will provide the following directions when a player enters the room:
    • Need directions? Just name the place and I'll name the price! Append words like noswim, noclimb, nofly, nolocks, noprivate, and nocrawl to narrow the focus.
  • Usage example: SAYTO [concierge's name] [room name or area name].