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==CoffeeMUD Classes==
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===CoffeeMUD Commoner Classes===
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Commoners are the run-of-the-mill citizens in MUD society. These are the people who keep adventurers fed and supplied, without having to venture far beyond the protection of cityguards. Most commoners do poorly in combat, but acquire experience through other means.

Prime Abilities

There is no single stat that is most important to commoners. While some commoners may recommend certain stats, all stats are valuable and having a balanced set of stats is most useful to commoners.


  • Apprentice - A starter class to allow players to log in and chat with the community prior to committing to a class. It also enables the character to have one additional crafting skill and one additional common skill.
  • Artisan - A craftsman who earns most of their experience creating items and gathering materials.
  • Gaoler - A medieval jailer who punishes the wicked.
  • Sailor - A common seaman, great at fishing and sailing.
  • Scholar - An academian who excels at organizing, teaching, studying and writing.


  • Unlike other base classes, commoners don't qualify for common skills on the All Qualify skills. They do qualify for all skills specified by their class, and the Every Qualify skills.