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Sailing commands are a special series of key words that work only onboard a ship.


The captains of their own large multi-room sea vessels have many commands at their disposal for sailing the ship.

The first thing to know is that, whenever you are on the deck of your ship, you can see what is in the waters or port around the ship almost as easily as you can see the deck itself. To do this, you can either use the EXAMINE or LONGLOOK command to see both the deck and surrounding space, or LOOK directly at one of the exits from the ship. If there are other ships in the same place as yours, you can also look directly at the other ship.

When your ship is at port, you will want to have the ANCHOR lowered so that it can not move around. To do this, use the LOWER ANCHOR command. When you want to get underway again, you'll have to RAISE ANCHOR. You can lower and raise the anchor as often as you like in order to keep your ship in place or in motion.

Friendly ships at sea may want to exchange cargo or visit each other, and this is done by using the TENDER command. By entering TENDER [OTHER SHIP NAME], your ship will offer to connect the ships via their gangplanks. If the captain of the other ship likewise enters the TENDER command, then crews will be able to move freely between the ships using the gangplank. Sailing away or combat will disconnect them. If the friendly is a little boat, then the boat can TENDER [YOUR SHIP NAME], allowing you to RAISE [BOAT NAME] in order to get the little boat and its cargo onto your deck. Small boats can be likewise lowered back to sea by using LOWER [BOAT NAME].

To move a sailing ship, the simplest way is to enter SAIL [DIRECTION]. If the anchor is up, and the direction is one in which there is water, the ship will move in that direction. For example, SAIL WEST will sail the ship west.

Your ship can also move under-sail without constant direction using either the STEER or COURSE command. To make your ship move constantly in the same direction, use STEER [DIRECTION] command. So long as the anchor remains up, and there remains more sea to travel, the ship will continue in that direction. If your directions are more complex, you can use the COURSE [DIRECTION] [DIRECTION] ... command to give the ship a series of directions to follow without supervision.

Sailing Commands List

  • ABOVE - This command replaces the UP directional command while on a ship.
  • AFT - This command replaces the SOUTH directional command while on a ship.
  • AIM - This command allows a gunner to aim a ship weapon at a targetted enemy ship, targeting the ship's anticipated movement speed for the next round of combat.
  • BELOW - This command replaces the DOWN directional command while on a ship.
  • BOARD - This command can be used instead of the ENTER command.
  • COURSE - This command allows a ship captain to move the ship in a specific direction similar to the GO command.
  • EXAMINE/LONG LOOK - When used on a ship, the EXAMINE command allow the sailor to see the water room that the ship is in.
  • FORE - This command replaces the NORTH directional command while on a ship.
  • JUMP OVERBOARD - This command will allow a person to exit the ship from any deck room into the water region that the ship is in.
  • LOAD - This command is used to load siege weapons with ammunition.
  • LOWER ANCHOR - This command keeps the ship from being affected by movement commands or currents.
  • LOWER [Boat Name] - This command allows a boat on the deck of your ship to be lowered into the water.
  • PORT - This command replaces the WEST directional command.
  • RAISE ANCHOR - This command enables normal ship movement via STEER, COURSE or water currents.
  • RAISE [Boat Name] - This command allows a boat that is TENDERing your ship to be raised out of the water and onto the deck of the ship.
  • SAIL - This command allows a ship captain to move the ship in the specified direction.
  • STARBOARD - This command replaces the EAST directional command while on a ship.
  • STEER - This command allows a ship captain to continuously move the ship in the specified direction, or to change direction in combat.
  • TARGET - This command sets the recipient of all ship weapons' attacks.
  • TENDER - This command allows two ships to dock to each other and commence ship-to-ship trade while at sea.
  • THROW (itemname) OVERBOARD - This command allows items to be discarded into the water region the ship is in, as long as the character is above deck.
  • UNLOAD - This command is used to remove ammunition from a siege weapon.


  • Due to the renaming of exits, using the command ENTER PORT in a ship room with a portal will first try to select a PORT direction instead of the portal. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the entire portal name when trying to use a portal on a ship (ENTER PORTAL).
  • Ships owned by a clan can only be sailed by clan members with property owner privileges.