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Basics of Combat

Combat in CoffeeMUD is an action-based system that combines automatic attacks and specified commands. Combat is initiated when one participant initiates a hostile action on another target. This can be accomplished with a KILL command, or by using an ability that has a hostile affect. The outcome of the initial attack does not matter; combat will begin even if the target suffers no ill affects. Each MOB (including players) has a SPEED score, which determines how many actions they can take per tick (~4 seconds). A mob will perform any specific commands in the action queue, and an automatic action (melee attack/ranged attack) each combat round.


Each mob will automatically try to attack with the weapon in their WIELD slot each tick as many times as their SPEED score. Abilities such as Second Attack directly impact a player's SPEED score. When making a physical attack, the character's ATTACK score is compared to the defender's ARMORED DEFENCE score, to determine the percentage chance of the attack succeeding. The difference in levels between the attacker and defender also affects the success chance.

Abilities have a broad variety of affects depending upon the ability. Abilities that are MALEVOLENT will generally start combat when used on a neutral mob. Abilities that are CIRCUMSTANTIAL or BENEVOLENT may cause combat to start, so be careful when using abilities on others.


Defense comes in three varieties, Armored Defence for reducing the likelihood of a physical attack from succeeding, Resistances for preventing an attack of a certain type from succeeding, and ability-based defenses.

Armored Defence

For starters, let's all accept that DEFENCE is an archaic spelling for defense. It is a valid word. When talking about armored defence we are specifically referring to a character's armor score. Armored Defence is an integer based on a character's armor rating. Behind the scenes, armor is a value from 100 to negative infinity (well, not infinity, but for this discussion we will assume it can go that far). The lower the value, the better protected the character is. Armored defence takes this weird mechanic and displays it as a (mostly) positive value with 0 armored defence equaling 100 armor rating, and 300 armored defence being equivelant to -200 armor rating. Worn armor will provide a positive "Base Protection" value, which will be added to your armored defence if worn (or subtracted from your armor rating). However, certain magical affects may report out a -10 ARMOR, instead of reporting it as 10 PROTECTION. In these cases, this negative ARMOR score is beneficial to your armored defence score.


Resistances offer a chance to entirely mitigate a part or all of an attack or ability. The level difference, special abilities, and other circumstances may modify the effectiveness of a resistance.

Ability-Based Defenses

Some abilities may provide reduction of affects or entirely protect from certain forms of attacks.


If an attack or spell succeeds, it may apply damage to a character's hit points, mana or movement. Attacks that cause mana or movement damage merely reduce the number of points available for other actions requiring those resources. Running out of mana has no affect other than the inability to use mana-based abilities. Depleting movement has the added affect of preventing the FLEE command, and any ability that requires movement. Losing all hit points will result in player death (unless another result prevents death, or the server's settings state otherwise). Other affects from hit point damage are also possible.

Damage Locations

While hit points reflects a characters overall capacity to tolerate damage, individual appendages may suffer damage from particularly powerful strikes. This damage normally results in a percentage of that appendage's damage being noted on the AFFECTS screen of the character. However, starting at level 10, when an appendage damage hits 100%, there is a 50% chance appendage falls off and is considered destroyed. This may have an impact on the character's overall performance.

  • The first hand to be lost will always be considered the HOLD position (so you will be able to continue to wield a single-handed weapon).
  • Losing both eyes will result in blindness.
  • Losing feet and/or legs will result in reduced mobility and may require the character to crawl from place to place (using much more movement along the way).


Starting at level 15, characters may suffer from bleeding when they take more than 20% of their hit points in a single blow, or when they lose a limb. Bleeding will cause continual damage until it is healed by magic or bandaged, or naturally coagulates (bleed timer expires). While bleeding, characters will also lose a percentage of their mana and movement, based on the percentage of remaining hit points they have.


Blunt and slashing weapons do 1/3 damage underwater, making piercing weapons the preferred choice for underwater combat.

Miscellaneous Combat Information

Being Swallowed

Some creatures may have the ability to swallow their opponents. This can result in you being placed inside their stomach, sustaining blunt and acid damage until you die. While inside a stomach most abilities to teleport will not work. There are two possibilities for getting out: Have friends free you buy slaying the swallower, or deal enough damage to the stomach (KILL STOMACH) to cause a rupture.

Of course, it may be better to just not be swallowed in the first place. Swallowing requires the creature to be bigger than his snack, and to be able to use their mouth. Abilities that reduce the opponents size, increase your size, or block the opponents mouth will prevent swallowing, and when encountering creatures that can swallow, these countermeasures should be engaged first (depending upon what is available to you).

Combat Formulas


  • Combat range of 1 is normally within 10 feet. Combat range of 3 is about 100 feet. Combat range of 5 is about 1000 feet.