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Getting Started


CoffeeMUD has only a few rules designed to enable players maximum flexibility in a non-hostile environment:

  • No killing, stealing from, or otherwise harassing newbie players.
  • Maintain the illusion of fantasy by role-playing your character.
  • Exploitation of any system problems is forbidden! If you find a bug, or a loophole in the gameplay, report it with the BUG command!
  • Bot-Killing other players is not allowed
  • No trolling.
  • You are responsible for all actions performed by characters on your account. Keep your password safe and do not share it with other people.
  • Be mindful of other players' enjoyment of the MUD. Any action resulting the the accidental or intentional death of another player not in PK range (+/-5 levels of you, both flagged) will result in a permanent -2 MAXSTAT of your class's prime requisite until that player has fully forgiven you. Specific examples from the past include flooding Midgaard Recall, or summoning powerful aggressive demons near recall to prevent players from leaving without dieing.
  • Use ASSIST command if you are stuck and need an Archon's assistance, or to report flagrant abuse of the rules.

CoffeeMUD Engine and the Official CoffeeMUD MUD

Besides being a powerful MUD engine, CoffeeMUD is also the name of the MUD which hosts the latest cutting edge CoffeeMUD technologies for players to explore and designers to test out new features. CoffeeMUD has hundreds of areas, some raw imports, some modified imports and some freshly built areas using CoffeeMUD tools to the fullest potential. The MUD offers many features for players including:

  • A class-based system with over 40 classes and subclasses
  • A experience-based leveling system with 91 maximum player levels.
  • Thousands of skills and abilities
  • Many Role-Playing abilities and tools to allow players to remain immersed in the world.
    • Time passes much more quickly in the CoffeeMUD world, and the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.
  • A PlayerKill system to add another level of challenge to your game.
  • An Alignment system (Good-Neutral-Evil) with an additional Inclination (Lawful-moderate-Chaotic) with meaningful in-game consequences.
  • Many Factions that may have an affect on how locals interact with the character.
  • Twenty starter races, with the ability to create characters from any number of pre-existing or generated races (requires significant access to abilities through friends or smart leveling).
  • Property ownership and customization
  • Ship ownership and customization
  • Clan organizations and clan property
  • Conquest system for controlling preset areas
  • Intensive crafting system
  • Legal System in major cities and customizable legal system in conquered areas.
  • Highly configurable interface
  • Achievement system for tracking player and account progress
  • REMORT system (as part of the Achievement system) to enable players to replay the MUD back at level 1
  • Breeding system which provides bonuses to characters born in the MUD.
  • Religion with Rituals and Prayers answered by the Gods.
  • A real-time Auction system as well as an auction broker system.
  • In-game post office and in-game bulletin boards.
  • A Health and Hygiene system for maintaining routine activities like sleeping and bathing.
  • Characters Aging, may have Allergies, and may acquire Addictions through the course of their careers.