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==CoffeeMUD Classes==
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===CoffeeMUD Cleric Classes===
Cleric        Doomsayer        Healer        Missionary        Necromancer        Oracle        Purist        Shaman        Templar       
Description: Clerics are the great vassals of the Gods. Through them the wonders of both good and evil are possible. Clerics possess great magical abilities in their numerous

"prayers". While their weapon choices are limited to their alignment, they may wear any type of armor.

classes which may or may not be available to him, depending on his disposition. These classes include: Templar, Shaman, Doomsayer, Necromancer, Missionary, Purist, Healer, or Oracle.

How to play: The first, last, and greatest strength of the good Cleric is in his ability to heal, just as the ability to harm aids the evil Cleric. A Cleric is unique in his ability to flourish either alone or in groups, being moderately skilled in combat, and having the healing ability to last a long time in a tough fight. Clerics are highly desired for groups, however, as the lead fighter in the group will want the Cleric's healing touch in battle.

The only weakness of the Cleric is offensively, which the evil Cleric will make up for with harmful magic, and the good Cleric will compensate for with healing spells to last out the battle. With a balanced approach, the Cleric can gain experience with the efficiency of a fighter.

Primary Stat: Wisdom
Qualifications: Wisdom 9+
Practices: 5 +(Wisdom/6)+2 per level. Note: The first number is the number gained at 1st level. Subsequent levels gain the Wisdom/X+Y number.
Trains: 3 +1 per level. Note: The first number is the number gained at 1st level. Subsequent levels gain the number preceding the "per level".
Hit Points: 20 +(Con/3)+(1d10) per lvl.
Mana: 100 +(Int/4)+(1d4) /lvl.
Movement: 100 +10X(Str/18) per


Attack: +(Wis/18) per level.
Damage: +1 damage per 30 level(s).
Maximum Stat Values: Wisdom (25), Others (18)
Weapons: Evil must use polearm, sword, axe, edged, or daggers. Neutral must use blunt, ranged,

thrown, staff, natural, or sword. Good must use blunt, flailed, natural, staff, or hammer.

Armor: May wear any armor.
Limitations: Using prayers outside your alignment introduces failure


Starting Equipment: a small mace
Races: Centaur Drow Duergar Dwarf Elf Gnome Goblin Half Elf Halfling

Human Ogre

Level Class Skills (Skills in parenthesis must be trained for at a trainer or by another player.)
1 (Marry) (Restore Smell) (Wands) (Revoke) (Annul)

(Cure Light Wounds) (Christen) (Disown) Write (Swim) (Cause Light Wounds) (Bandaging) (Divorce) Convert (Smoke Rings) Recall (Foraging) (Gem Digging) (Drilling) (Fishing) (Herbology) (Hunting) (Shearing)

2 (Sense Evil) (Sense Life) (Sense Good) (Death Guard) (Lacquering) (Embroidering) (Dyeing) (Butchering) (Engraving) (Cooking)

(Wood Chopping)

3 (Desecrate) (Sacrifice) (Bury) Fire Building (Blacksmithing)

(Clan Crafting) (Tailoring) (Leather Working) (Carpentry)

4 (Protection Evil) (Protection Good) (Protection Undead) (Death Knell) (Searching) (Mining) (Weaving) (Pottery)

(Costuming) (Sculpting) (Distilling)

5 (Cure Deafness) (Deafness) Control Undead

(Create Food) Turn Undead (Painting) (Food Prep) (Baking) (Armorsmithing) (Cobbling) (Weaponsmithing) (Glass Blowing) (Fletching) (Scrimshawing) (Paper Making)

6 (Sense Injury)

(Cure Serious Wounds) (Cause Serious Wounds) (Create Water)

7 (Curse) (Sense Alignment) (Bless)
8 (Anti Undead Field) (Freedom) (Protection Paralyzation)


9 (Dispel Good) (Sense Invisible) (Dispel Evil)
10 (Sense Magic)

(Incite Dead) (Restore Voice) (Silent) (Wainwrighting) (Masonry) (Jewel Making) (Construction) (Siegecraft) (Ship Building) (Locksmithing) (Speculating) (Farming) (Smelting) (Taxidermy)

11 (Protection Poison) (Unholy Poison) (Remove Poison)
12 (Protection Disease) (Plague) (Hold Undead) (Cure Disease)
13 (Blood Moon) (Sanctuary)

(Protect Health)

14 (Cause Critical Wounds) (Sense Hidden) (Mercy) (Cure Critical Wounds)
15 (Remove Curse) (Holy Aura) (Great Curse) (Irrigation) (Landscaping)


16 (Anger) (Awaken) (Calm) (Sanctify Room)
17 (Blindsight)

(Infuse Holiness) (Infuse Balance) (Blindness) (Unholy Portent) (Cure Blindness) (Infuse Unholiness) (Half Attack)

18 (Drain) (Blade Barrier) (Dream Feast) (Protection Elements)
19 (Godstrike) (Hellfire) (Thunderbolt) (Corpse Walk)
20 (Devourer Curse) (Mass Mobility) (Mass Freedom) (Mass Paralyze)
21 (Heal) (Protection Outsiders) (Harm) (Stasis)
22 (Bless Item) (Curse Item) (Neutralize Item) (Bloat Bomb)
23 (Mass Harm) (Joyous Rapture) (Linked Health) (Mass Heal)
24 (Unholy Word) (Nullification) (Snake Staff) (Holy Word)
25 (Animate Dead) (Resurrect) (Regeneration) (Protection Curses)
30 (Deathfinger) (Contagion) (Restoration)
35 Planar Travel

How to Play

The cleric may seem like an uninteresting class, due to it's basic attributes and the host of other, specialized subclasses. However, played correctly, the humble cleric can be devastating, and more importantly, very flexible. The primary advantages to the base class cleric is that you can functionally choose your alignment without restriction. You can even modify your character's alignment ingame, and have skills/prayers that work for multiple alignment sets. In contrast, the other cleric subclasses require one alignment choice, and if you deviate from these choices, you lose your abilities. The standard cleric can be either good, neutral or evil. In general, though with some exceptions, there playstyles are as follows:

  • Good: strong healing and buff prayers, good for smiting evil enemies and has the ubiquitous resurrection prayer, which is highly valued by other players. Malla is your primary deity, with some good blessing buffs including globe. Paran is also doable, with some good combat buff.
  • Neutral: Neutral gets electrical and earth based prayers, as well as a lot of utility. Perhaps less powerful and with less staying power early on, neutral clerics develop some nasty abilities later on, and can cover a wide range of situations. Neutral clerics also get access to Lorti as a deity. This gives a lot of extremely good combat buffs, as well as blade barrier, which is very nasty. Bella is also possible, and gives good detection abilities.
  • Evil: Finally, evil clerics specialize in debuffs and maledictions. They don't get all that many direct damage prayers, however they can strip away attributes and generally make life very complicated for those they dislike. Naturally, Kortamus is the primary deity, and gives some combat buffs. However, he gives some that are less useful, such as obscure self. Evil clerics are probably the nastiest for pk, but are about matched with the others in pure combat capacity.

Note that all variaties of cleric get divine favor with their blessings. This is useful, and can occasionally strike down an enemy. This doesn't give exp, but is a random throw of the dice to keep you alive in bad situations. Finally, keep in mind that sermons can grant exp. The summon for the service follows a formula of 1 room per 5 levels. Generally the cleric will want to convert as many npcs in an area as possible. Each initial convert will fail. Do this to as many npcs as possible. Then, after about 3- minutes, convert each of them again. You will successfully convert them at this point. Once you have as many npcs in the area worshipping your deity as possible, start the sermon from a central location. The range is 1 room in all directions per every 5 llevels. At early levels, this might not result in a lot of exp upon service completion. However, as the levels increase and the number of npcs that can be called to prayer goes up in accordance, the exp will start to acrue.

Multi-Classing Options and Effectiveness