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Account Class Achievements

There are currently two types of account class achievements: Those for sampling a class for 15 levels, and those for retiring a class:

Class Sampling Achievements

Class Sampling achievements are awarded after gaining 15 levels in a class for the first time on an account. They do not provide any rewards or titles. The achievements are in the form:

Try out the [classname] for 15 levels

Class Retiring Achievements

Similar to class sampling, there is a retirement achievement for each class in the form of:

You've retired a(n) [classname]

There are also meta-achievements for retiring all subclasses within a baseclass.

Achievement Base Class Required Classes Retired Title
Retire a character from every mage subclass Mage Mage, Abjurer, Alterer, Conjurer, Diviner, Evoker, Enchanter, Illusionist, Transmuter [name], Ex-Mage
Retire a character from every commoner subclass Commmoner Apprentice, Artisan, Gaoler, Sailor, Scholar [name], Ex-Commoner
Retire a character from every bard subclass Bard Bard, Charlatan, Minstrel, Jester, Dancer [name], Ex-Bard
Retire a character from every thief subclass Thief Thief, Arcanist, Assassin, Burglar, Trapper, Pirate, Reliquist [name], Ex-Thief
Retire a character from every fighter subclass Fighter Fighter, Barbarian, Monk, Paladin, Ranger [name], Ex-Fighter
Retire a character from every Druid subclass Druid Druid, Gaian, Skywatcher, Beastmaster, Mer, Delver [name], Ex-Druid
Retire a character from every cleric subclass Cleric Cleric, Doomsayer, Healer, Missionary, Necromancer, Oracle, Purist, Shaman, Templar [name], Ex-Cleric
Retire a character from every subclass All of the above Every subclass [name], the Quitter