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Clan Levels

Clans gain levels by taxing members and controlled areas. The clan leaders set the tax rate which applies to all guildmembers, and applies to anyone earning experience in an area controlled by the clan. Clan experience can be used for clan crafting or stored to gain clan levels. Note: It is possible for a clan to lose levels due to spending too much experience on crafting, or due to clan member death experience penalties.

Level Benefits Experience
1 * 0
2 Members automatically gain: Clan Donate 1,500
3 Effects: ATTACK+1 HITPOINTS+4 Members automatically gain: Clan Home 9,000
4 Members qualify for: ClanEnchant Gas, ClanEnchant Mind, ClanEnchant Water, ClanEnchant Cold 28,500
5 Members qualify for: ClanEnchant Electric, ClanEnchant Fire, ClanEnchant Acid, Spell_ClanWard 66,000
6 Effects: CHA+1 HITPOINTS+2 127,500
7 Members qualify for: ClanEnchant Poison 219,000
8 Effects: WIS+1 MANA+2 346,500
9 Members qualify for: ClanEnchant Disease 516,000
10 Members qualify for: ClanEnchant Paralysis 733,500
11 Members qualify for: Flagportation 1,005,000
12 Effects: HITPOINTS+1 1,336,500
13 Effects: CON+1 HITPOINTS+3 1,734,000
14 Effects: INT+1 MOVEMENT+2 2,203,500
15 Effects: ATTACK+1 MANA+4 2,751,000
16 Effects: ARMOR+1 HITPOINTS+5 MOVEMENT+5 MANA+5 3,382,500
17 Effects: MOVEMENT+1 MANA+1 4,104,000
18 Effects: DEX+1 MANA+3 4,921,500
19 Effects: STR+1 MOVEMENT+3 5,841,000
20 Members qualify for: Spell_ImprovedClanWard


21 Modifies experience gained: Amount +10% 8,010,000
22 Modifies experience gained: Amount +10% 9,271,500
23 Modifies lost faction with any faction: Amount +1 10,659,000
24 Modifies gained faction with any faction: Amount +5 12,178,500
25 Modifies gained faction with any faction: Amount +5 13,836,000

[*]Anarchy gains the spell Clan Experience at level 1 as a way for members to contribute to their clan's progression. All other clan types receive no benefits at 1st level, and must use CLANTAX to acquire experience.


  • Clan Enchantments may have as many levels of enchantment as your current clan level.
  • It is possible to continue to gain levels past level 25. These levels do not provide any further benefits, other than increasing the maximum level of clanenchanted items.