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Clan Diplomacy

Clan relationships between other clans can be adjusted with the CLANDECLARE command by clan members with the appropriate permissions (see Clan Governments for specific permissions roles in different government types). In order for a clan to benefit from the relationship, both clans must agree to a level of relationship. There are 5 relationship categories:


This is the most aggressive relationship two clans may have. When two clans are at WAR, all clan members are considered Player-Kill flagged towards the enemy clan and clan property defenses are ineffective against the warring clan.

Additionally, all of the adjustments from HOSTILE apply to warring clans.


This clan setting makes all conquered lands contestable by other hostile clans. If one clan is at WAR with a clan that is HOSTILE towards it, then the two clans behave as if they are both HOSTILE..


This is the default relationship between clans. Neutral relationships afford no extra bonuses or penalties for interaction. Any mismatch between relationships will result in a Neutral reaction, aside from HOSTILEWAR and FRIENDLYALLY.


This relationship affords the two friendly clans the ability to interracial with each others' property as if they have HOME PRIVILEGES. Amongst other things, this allows clan members from each other's clans to pick up items from friendly clans' properties without being accused of stealing. Note: HOME PRIVILEGES will only be granted to clan members that have HOME PRIVILEGES granted by their own clan.

If one clan is FRIENDLY and the other clan is ALLY, then the two clans will be considered FRIENDLY status overall.


This is the strongest bond between two clans, affording all the benefited of FRIENDLY, as well as causing ally clans to be considered at WAR with their allies enemies.

  • For Example, If CLAN MCCLOUD is an ALLY with CLAN JOE, and CLAN JOE declares WAR on CLAN COBRA (and Clan Cobra reciprocates), then CLAN MCCLOUD will be effectively at WAR with CLAN COBRA, regardless of the relationship between CLAN MCCLOUD and CLAN COBRA. As soon as CLAN JOE or CLAN COBRA modify their relationship with each other, CLAN MCCLOUD's relationship with CLAN COBRA would return to normal.