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===Clan Crafting===
Domain: Crafting
Available: Apprentice(1) Artisan(1) Gaoler(1)
Allows: Rushed Crafting Quick Worker Advanced Crafting Quick Crafting Wise Crafting
UseCost: Movement (24)
Quality: Circumstantial
Targets: Items Creatures
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Description: Available: Enchanter Clan Members

Example : clancraft flag

: clancraft list
: clancraft list flag
: clancraft list 5-10
: clancraft list all

This skill allows a player to craft clan items. The clan items from this skill require that the clan have a certain amount of experience in order to make the item. For this reason, only clan members who have the rank of Enchanter (or the equivalent privileges), may use this skill even if they have the skill. The majority of items crafted using this skill serve the CONQUEST system, and only work on mobs in conquered areas. See the help on CONQUEST for more information on how to use the items. The extent of the items which can be crafted expands as the player goes up in level. To begin crafting, the player must have placed the materials he or she wishes to make the item from on the ground. Using better materials will increase both the strength and the required level of the crafted item, and some material types require smaller amounts to make the same items.


For more information on the uses of clancrafted items, see the Clancrafting section.

The Crafting section has more information on general crafting concepts.